A Legends Of Tomorrow Star Revealed More About Constantine And Gary Green's Relationship

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Legends of Tomorrow ended Season 3 with Gary and Constantine crashing the Legends' vacation to remind everyone they still had work to do after defeating Mallus. Fans were excited for more crazy adventures, but also by the news that Gary and Constantine had been spending time together off-screen. With many fans shipping "Constagreen" going into Season 4, Gary portrayer Adam Tsekhman spoke to CinemaBlend and assured us that fans will see more of the duo and possibly more.

Yeah there's going to be some Gary/Constantine, which will be very fun. I don't know what else I'm allowed to say, but definitely Gary thinks Constantine is like the coolest dude who's ever paid him any attention. He's going to hang onto that relationship as long as he can. Gary's very enamored with Constantine. Naturally so, he's pretty damn cool.

Adam Tsekhman confirmed Legends of Tomorrow fans will get to enjoy more of the Gary and Constantine dynamic in Season 4. That could mean Constagreen has a real shot at becoming a reality, even if trailer footage thus far hasn't shown the two characters side-by-side all that much. That said, there was a scene from the first trailer where Constantine appeared to make a very naked Gary an interim Legend, which could mean the two will be around each other often enough for that level of comfort.

Gary is clearly a big "fan" of Constantine, to the point it's almost creepy, but wouldn't that just make him an over-eager fanboy? (If Gary's middle name is Stan, I'll withhold my shock.) Adam Tsekhman revealed his fandom of Constantine runs a bit deeper than that. So if things were to develop romantically between the two, his character would certainly be down.

Well, there's certainly desires coming from Gary's side. I can't talk for Constantine -- he's his own man. [But] I hope so! I can't tease too much!

Ahead of Season 4's premiere, Adam Tsekhman couldn't say for sure if Constantine felt the same way, but the pair's interactions during Season 3 could clue fans in on which way the occultist hero is leaning. Constantine planted a kiss on Gary after the latter's Dungeons & Dragons knowledge came in handy, and the two seem to have spent some time together away from the Legends. Thus, optimism is high regarding Gary's hopes that things move forward, but does the coupling really mean anything to Constantine?

After all, Constantine is pretty easygoing when it comes to hookups. He and Sara Lance "shagged" in Season 3, which didn't lead to any deep and meaningful relationship. While it's possible such a one-off fling could happen with Gary, one would imagine these two coming away from their time together with very different expectations going forward. Basically, Constantine might break Gary's heart if he allows things to progress to such levels, which might be why it hasn't happened already.

If more obvious sparks do start flying between Constantine and Gary in Legends of Tomorrow Season 4, "The Virgin Gary" is the perfect episode for to happen. So far, we know that episode involves a homicidal unicorn at Woodstock (hawt), and Constantine requesting the Legends help in developing a spell that could defeat it. We're not entirely sure how Gary and/or his virginity play into that, although we're guessing he'll have something big to do. Pun partially intended.

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