How Legends Of Tomorrow Is Making Room For Constantine In Season 4

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Legends of Tomorrow will have a lot on its plate when it returns. While fans already knew he would be a series regular, how the show makes room for John Constantine is getting clearer. It turns out that with Nate having to stay in 2018 with his dad, there is a vacancy that Constantine will be filling when the series returns. And getting acclimated to life on the Waverider is going to entail quite a reveal regarding one of Constantine's habits. Co-showrunner Phil Klemmer said:

He doesn't like to wear a lot of clothing going to and from the shower...

That could get say the least. How long Constantine's clothes-less habit will last is anyone's guess. Legends of Tomorrow' exec Phil Klemmer did not reveal that to TVLine. With the wish that Constantine would be sticking around being fulfilled, there will be plenty of time to sort out his clothing situation. As for Nate, he will be away taking care of his dad, as part of what Klemmer describes as a "very real story." It's a hint that opens the door to some speculation.

While the executive producer's Constantine tease is not a whole lot of new info to go on when it comes to his Legends of Tomorrow story in Season 4, it is a piece of the puzzle. Since Nate will be away, they will presumably not interact as much as him and others on the Waverider will. Ahead of the series getting a Season 4 renewal by The CW, it was announced that Matt Ryan's Constantine would be a series regular if a fourth installment was given the green light.

Thankfully, the show was renewed, so the story is set to unfold as planned. Legends of Tomorrow's co-showrunner had previously shared the effects of having Constantine on the show. And there should be more where that came from now that the series' former guest will appear full-time. Given his involvement on the series, fans should expect a deeper dive into the supernatural. This is an area of expertise that Constantine will bring to the team and the story.

With the premiere not too far off, there is still time left to speculate on what Legends of Tomorrow will get up into Season 4. With Constantine parading around without his clothes, there should be room for a potential confrontation to take place. The team will have to put that theoretical conflict to rest if they plan to win the battles that await them.

While the network has been host to an annual Arrow-verse crossover, Legends of Tomorrow will unfortunately not be among those taking part in it. Legends of Tomorrow will return for its fourth season Monday, October 22 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. And the superhero drama will not be the only series returning this fall, including on the network that serves as superhero central on television.

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