Legends Of Tomorrow Showrunner Explains The Supernatural Elements In Season 4

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When Legends of Tomorrow returns for Season 4 in the fall, time travel won't be business as usual for the Legends. The Season 3 finale ended on the reveal (courtesy of John Constantine) that their actions to get rid of Mallus had some unintended consequences. By springing Mallus from his cage, the Legends opened a door that let all manner of creatures through, including a dragon that Constantine beheaded and dropped at their feet in Aruba. Talk about a cliffhanger! The finale's ending meant that Legends of Tomorrow would probably have to delve into the supernatural more than ever in Season 4, and showrunner Phil Klemmer recently addressed the new elements that are on the way:

I feel like when you invite Constantine on the show, that comes with its own sort of, you know, we dabbled in the world, the occult, with like Nora Darhk and Damien Darhk. I liked doing those spookier episodes. It keeps the silly from being too silly.

Legends of Tomorrow more or less could jump in and out of the supernatural in the first three seasons without necessarily having a reason to stay there. After all, that Supernatural/Arrow crossover that Stephen Amell was pitching never happened, so Legends of Tomorrow doesn't have an Arrow-verse filled with the supernatural to draw from. The show has a relatively blank slate, and the addition of Constantine as a regular for Season 4 means that the Legends pretty much need to spend more time in the mystical.

What's the point of having John Constantine on board the Waverider if there aren't going to be spiritual shenanigans that require his expertise? He's no fighter like Sara and he doesn't have powers like Nate. He doesn't even have a totem or a gun that shoots fire. Constantine deals with demons and the like, so Legends of Tomorrow is going supernatural in Season 4, and you can see some of what to expect in the new Season 4 trailer.

When Legends has tackled the supernatural in the past, a lot of fun (and some fright) has ensued. Damien Darhk and daughter Nora were major thorns in the good guys' sides throughout Season 3, and Nora will be around a lot more in the next batch of episodes. Throw in the aftermath of the epic time demon Mallus, and the stage is set for monsters, mythical creatures, and mayhem. All of this said, viewers shouldn't expect Legends' creatures and entities to constantly look like the gigantic Mallus. Phil Klemmer went on in his chat with CinemaBlend and other outlets at San Diego Comic-Con to say this:

I am interested in doing like old school, in-camera, prosthetic. You know, I feel like -- not to knock CGI -- but like, you know, as a child of the 80s, I really dig old school, just monster makeup. You know, Sam Raimi. I feel like sometimes having limitations forces you to come up with really ingenious ways of doing stuff, so like we had the Mallus gazillion dollar CGI bad guy, but the problem is you don't really get to have a story with those categories that I want. I want the kind of monsters that you could have a scene with you.

There will be supernatural elements in Season 4, but they won't all look like Mallus. Perhaps we should expect more effects along the lines of the decapitated dragon head from the Season 3 finale cliffhanger, which isn't a bad thing. Legends of Tomorrow is the most fantastical show of the Arrow-verse, and should we really call for realism when the show is dealing with beings that don't actually exist in real life? Phil Klemmer evidently prefers the type of monsters that can actually exist in a scene and interact with characters rather than force actors to perform opposite a green screen all the time.

Legends of Tomorrow won't have an episode in the big Arrow-verse crossover this fall, and there's no saying how many of them will or will not get to meet Batwoman. Still, there's plenty to look forward to when Season 4 premieres on Monday, October 22 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. For some viewing options while we wait for the Arrow-verse to get back into gear, take a peek at our summer TV guide.

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