The Flash Is Bringing Back Zoom And More Former Villains

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All of the mysteries surrounding The Flash's Cicada may remind fans of the rampant speculation inspired by each of the Scarlet Speedster's previous big bads, such as Hunter Zolomon's Zoom. For its 100th episode, The Flash is apparently bringing Zoom back into the fold, along with several other evil speedsters. It appears Barry's life is going to get even more complicated, and I'm betting Nora is partly responsible.

During this weekend's MCM London Comic Con, Tony Todd made a surprising off-stage reveal to DC World that he had just finished filming and recording voice work for Episode 100. When asked if he was indeed reprising Zoom, the Candyman vet said this:

They are all returning, all the speedster villains, and they all want a piece of Barry.

For any TV show, reaching Episode 100 is a major hallmark, especially with how spread out audiences are these days. The Flash's cast and crew have been promoting their own 100th episode since San Diego Comic-Con, when it was revealed that star Tom Cavanagh would be directing. Thanks to former (voice) star Tony Todd, we know that Cavanagh will be directing scenes with Zoom and more devious speedsters from Barry's rogues gallery.

A claim like that cannot be taken lightly, considering how many fast-footed villains Barry has already faced in four-plus seasons of The Flash. It all started with Reverse-Flash, in the form of Eobard Thawne taking over Earth-1 Harrison Wells' body. In Season 2, it was Earth-2's Hunter Zolomon as Zoom (previously posing as fellow Flash Jay Garrick). Season 3 brought Future Barry Allen in as the darkness-embracing Savitar.

Then there was Flashpoint's Edward Clariss as an unfortunately weak iteration of The Rival, and the varied versions of Reverse-Flash that came for Flashpoint and the character's stint on Legends of Tomorrow. So can we expect to see all of these popular characters returning for a single Season 5 episode? Sounds like it.

Fans are no doubt wondering how Zoom in particular will properly return to the franchise, since the Time Wraiths transformed him into the doom-bringing Black Flash. Actor Teddy Sears hasn't been confirmed to return yet, so it's really hard to tell how Zoom's comeback will play out.

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Knowing how The Flash works, one might guess that Barry would reconnect with Zoom and the rest through dream sequences, flashbacks, or a jaunt back into the Speed Force. But TVLine spoke with Cicada portrayer Chris Klein, who confirmed his deadly villain is involved, implying the episode is very much a real-world adventure. In Klein's words:

It's a really exciting one, a really fun, fun episode. They definitely built in some bells and whistles for it!

Bells and Whistles should be the name of a Team Flash hero at this point. Get on it, guys, so that Cisco can make that moniker magic happen.

Now it's time for fans to put on their conjecture caps to consider just how Zoom and Barry's other nemeses will find their ways back to Central City in Season 5. As well, to see if any of them can become Cicada's new BFF. Color me intrigued on that front, if not optimistic.

While waiting to see how it plays out, be sure to tune into The Flash every Tuesday night on The CW at 8:00 p.m. ET. And for all the other fast-paced shows hitting the small screen soon, our fall TV premiere schedule will get you info as quick as lightning.

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