Why Station 19's Midseason Finale Set Up That Crazy Cliffhanger

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Station 19 Season 2 ended its winter finale on a literal hanging-off-a-cliff cliffhanger. The Grey's Anatomy spinoff set its final episode of 2018 during the same wind storm as Grey's Season 15. In this case, Andy Herrera (Jaina Lee Ortiz) and Captain Robert Sullivan (Boris Kodjoe) have actually fallen off a cliff, since the ambulance they were in went off the road. That's pretty intense, to say the least. Showrunner Stacy McKee explained why they ended the midseason finale on that low note:

At the core, we've set so many really cool stories into motion over the course of these past seven or so episodes, that we really wanted to bring them to a natural, awesome climatic point, but definitely not a conclusion because we still have a second half of the season to play out all of these stories. This is a great way to punch you and grab you and make you want more.

It was definitely a punch of sorts for Andy and Sullivan. Boris Kodjoe just joined Station 19 this season as the new captain. We only just got to learn more about Sullivan's past, with his wife dying on the same street as the accident. So it's especially horrible that he's now over the side of that cliff with Andy. Showrunner Stacy McKee told ET what's ahead for that twosome, first confirming that the finale didn't include some kind of last-minute cheat:

You can definitely presume that they were in the ambulance in that location. We will definitely be paying off the ending of that story and seeing what happened with them, and if and who gets out of that ambulance. . . . There will be a lot of fallout. It will affect everyone in the station, but particularly there are some people who it will really hit home for more than others.

"If and who gets out" is rather ominous. If they survive this experience, it should bring Andy and Sullivan closer together. But if only one of them gets out, it would have to be Andy, right, as the main character of the spinoff?

One of the people who will be hit hardest by this literal cliffhanger is Andy's best friend, Maya Bishop (Danielle Savre). The episode showed Maya trying to reach Andy, not knowing her friend was in this terrible accident. As Stacy McKee noted, this will not only be awful for Maya because her BFF is in danger, there's also the added guilt factor:

Obviously, Maya is a really good example because not only is that her best friend, but it would be devastating if something happened to her. If you remember earlier in the episode, she was supposed to be the one in the ambulance and Andy actually decided to trade places with her. There is a lot of guilt involved there too, when you find out that the place where you should've been you survived unscathed and your friend was in this precarious situation. Definitely, she'll have feelings about that but everyone will.

"Weather the Storm" was Episode 7 of Station 19 Season 2, which will run for a full 22 episodes. Season 1 only aired 10 episodes, so the ABC series really does have time to stretch out its storytelling legs in 2019. So far, ratings have been pretty steady, with the November 8 episode picking up 5.10 million viewers and a 1.0 rating in the 18-49 demo. It helps to directly follow Grey's Anatomy, which is still hugely popular, with 6.60 million viewers and a 1.6 rating for its own episode last week.

ABC has yet to announce exact 2019 midseason return dates, but Grey's Anatomy always returns in January, so it would make sense for Station 19 to continue its own wind storm story right behind it. On that note, keep up with the whole 2019 midseason tv schedule in our handy guide. But before 2018 says goodbye, check out everything that's still ahead in our fall TV roundup.

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