Station 19 Is Giving Its Newest Character A Lot More To Do In Season 2

Station 19 Captain Robert Sullivan Boris Kodjoe

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Where there's smoke, there's fire, and when it comes to Station 19's newest arrival, ABC isn't ready to pour any cold water on him. That's right! The action-drama's fans are about to see even more of one of its new key players, Boris Kodjoe's Captain Sullivan, who was introduced in the Season 2 premiere. With one episode having aired, the show is buckling down by promoting Kodjoe to series regular.

Following his first episode as Captain Robert Sullivan, Boris Kodjoe will be seen on a more frequent basis as the newest Station 19 series regular, per TVLine. The new captain made his presence known in his debut by demonstrating determination and leadership right out of the gate. The actor's promoted status signals that fans are about to enjoy getting know a lot more about Captain Sullivan.

That possibly even means diving deep into Capt. Sullivan's past. When the casting of the character was announced, Sullivan was described as being an experienced firefighter who has a "mysterious past." We all know what mysterious means!

There is a mystery at play when it comes to the backstory of Station 19's new character. Now that Boris Kodjoe will be starring on the series in a heightened capacity, it is only a matter of time before that mystery is further developed and then solved to some extent. It will probably take some time, seeing how Station 19 has lots of other main characters to focus on as well.

There could be a secret pain that has impacted his leadership approach, unless that's just his natural take on things. The confirmed mystery surrounding his past indicates the latter may not be the case. In his debut, Captain Sullivan said that Chief Ripley had brought him aboard because the station saw an opportunity and that the crew needed a "kick."

When Andy told him how they usually start their day at the station, Captain Sullivan made it clear that is not what he had in store to begin their shift. With Captain Sullivan sticking around, fans can rest assured that he will be kicking Station 19 into high gear as the season continues.

Boris Kodjoe is fresh off his run on CBS' medical drama Code Black, which finished its three-season run back in May. Fans of that show are still holding out hope that the CBS series will eventually be revived, but this casting news isn't good for that cause. Code Black fans will have to watch Kodjoe on their screens in another setting while they wait for word on the medical drama.

Find out how Capt Sullivan will kick things into high gear when new episodes of Station 19 air Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC. The series is among a large slate of new ABC programming debuting over the fall.

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