Connie Britton Open To 9-1-1 Or American Horror Story Return

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Connie Britton has starred in some of the best shows on television in the past decade or so. So it's understandable any series that formerly had her would want her back, given the opportunity. Fortunately, it appears that may actually happen with two shows. Britton indicated she might return to 9-1-1 or American Horror Story at some point in the future.

It's always possible. And, you know, in the world of Ryan Murphy I'm usually pretty quick to say yes, because I adore him and I adore working with him and he always puts together such a great group of people. So we shall see (laughs).

When it comes to Ryan Murphy, Connie Britton will apparently never shut the door on a return. That much was evident when she reprised her role as Vivien Harmon in Season 8 of American Horror Story. Britton admitted to The Wrap she had yet to see her return to the anthology horror series, mostly due to her busy schedule as of late. Britton also confessed she has trouble watching American Horror Story even when she is free because it's scary.

Unlike American Horror Story, Connie Britton hasn't been seen on 9-1-1 since Season 1. Britton exited the first responder drama at the end of the inaugural season. Her exit came after her character Abby was set up for a romance with Buck, but her mother's death inspired her to take a trip to Ireland. The two parted ways, and Britton's character was ultimately replaced with a new character played by Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Though Abby is gone from 9-1-1, the story was written in such a way that she could return to the story for an episode or two. Britton has confirmed in the past that she'd be willing to return to Abby at some point in the future, which appears to mean she's ready to hop back on board for a short run should the stars align in the future.

Connie Britton may be up for a return to 9-1-1, or another run on American Horror Story, but it'd have to be a deal that accounts for her busy schedule. The world is about to see Britton's next television adventure in the upcoming Bravo miniseries Dirty John, which premieres Sunday, November 25. Britton will play divorcée Debra Newell in a true crime drama based on a popular podcast.

9-1-1 airs on Fox Mondays at 9 p.m. ET. American Horror Story: Apocalypse Season 8 has already ended, but episodes of FX's Seasons 1-7 can be binged on Netflix. For a look at what else is coming to television in the near future, be sure to visit our fall and midseason premiere guides.

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