Sorry, Code Black Was Officially Cancelled By CBS After Four Seasons

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Code Black is not coming back. The medical drama had been clinging to life ever since being cancelled by CBS in May. However, hopes for its return had been enlivened in the summer. That is when the Eye Network's president indicated that he was taking another look at restoring the series.

Fast forward to November and the series' diagnosis went from hopeful to dreadful. CBS has decided not to revive Code Black for a fourth season, according to TVLine. The news is surprising given how the drama performed in the ratings. As the report points out, Code Black's third season averaged a slightly higher performance than Madam Secretary and Elementary in the demos. Both of those series have been renewed.

Despite the sad turnaround in the series' prognosis, the writing has been on the wall for a while now. One of the most certain signs has come by way of what the cast has gotten up to since CBS initially cancelled Code Black.

Boris Kodjoe joined the cast of the ABC drama Station 19. After his first episode aired, the show promoted Kodjoe to a series regular. Kodjoe was a leading star on Code Black. So, his signing on as a series regular on another show did not bode well for the medical drama -- at least where having him on Code Black was involved. (Then again, Station 19's midseason finale ended on a literal cliffhanger, leaving the fate of Kodjoe's character up in the air.)

Thankfully, Code Black's Season 3 finale was penned as a series finale. Meaning everything was tied together with a sense of closure. That's an important aspect that should not leave fans with an entirely bitter taste in their mouths following news of the medical drama's end. Had a fourth season been given the green-light, Code Black's creator had previously teased what it would have been about.

According to Michael Seitzman, the series' fourth installment would have potentially revolved around the staff of Code Black moving to a new hospital. That's something the Season 3 finale paved the way for following the plane crash into Angels Memorial. Unfortunately, fans are unlikely to see that vision come to life.

Whether a streaming service steps in to save the day remains to be seen. Following the Season 3 finale, Code Black's creator did not have positive news on that front. Michael Seitzman told Deadline that the studio had reached out to all of the streaming services and not received a response. He did, however, remain hopeful about its prospects at that time.

If Code Black were ever able to arrange a comeback, it would theoretically have to do so without members of its cast. The more time that goes by, the less likely it is to get everyone back together again. With the talent of Code Black already finding other things, that hope is dwindling.

The documentary that Code Black was inspired by is currently available to stream on Netflix as of December 2018. While Code Black will not be among them, many shows are returning this fall and throughout the midseason.

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