Stephen Amell Says The Flash Suit Is Even More Uncomfortable Than Arrow Pants

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Stephen Amell has been the internet's "Elseworlds" hype man and has ranted and raved about how much fun he had filming the big Arrow-verse event. As much fun as the actor had switching roles with Grant Gustin and getting in The Flash suit, however, Amell admitted there were some downsides to being a speedster. Specifically, Barry's superhero suit is even more uncomfortable to wear than the Green Arrow's leather pants.

When I'm on Arrow and when I get new leather pants, we call it new pants day. For 2 days I can't breathe with these pants on. So when I put the Flash suit on for the first time, it was like that except for my entire body. In between takes, if it looks like I'm uncomfortable, it's because I am.

The Arrow actor equated The Flash's suit to wearing new leather pants, with the exception that all that tightness is happening all over his body. Amell added to attendees at Fan Fest San Jose (via that the first time he put on the suit, he couldn't crouch down without splitting the pants of the suit. The suit did eventually get broken in, but Amell said it wasn't until the last day of the crossover that he could move freely.

Given that information, it's hard to say exactly when this photo below was taken. Stephen Amell is seen squatting and giving a thumbs up to the camera in the Flash suit, which either means it's the final day of shooting and he can move, or that thumbs up is the signal he gives when he split another pair of pants.

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The suit was tough to wear, but Stephen Amell indicated it's a problem he and fellow Arrow-verse actors are accustomed to. As cool as leather costumes look, they apparently aren't ideal for the superhero maneuvers actors must perform. It's a process that actors need to get accustomed to, and one that newcomer Ruby Rose apparently wasn't used to yet. Amell didn't go further into details, but said there's a difference between a photo of the costume and it "actually functioning."

The tight-fitting Flash suit is just one of Stephen Amell's latest reveals regarding the "Elseworlds" crossover special, which will feature Oliver and Barry switching lives. This means Amell presumably spends a fair deal of time in the Flash suit during the crossover, as does actor Grant Gustin in the Green Arrow outfit. It sounds like while Amell had a good time playing The Flash, he's not looking to trade his leather pants for a bodysuit anytime soon.

The CW will premiere "Elseworlds" with a special presentation of The Flash Sunday, December 9 at 8:00 p.m. ET. For a look at what else is coming up on television in the near future, be sure to visit and bookmark our fall and midseason premiere guides.

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