Brooklyn Nine-Nine Goes Full Die Hard In Explosive Season 6 Trailer

Brooklyn Nine-Nine might not be back on our TVs in time for fans to celebrate Christmas with the dysfunctional P.D. crew, but the comedy series is sending out holiday joy with a new and surprisingly action-packed promo for Season 6. To show off its first season on NBC, Brooklyn Nine-Nine gave Andy Samberg a white T-shirt and threw all the stars (minus one) into a moodily lit homage to Die Hard. Check the explosive new video out!

I know what everyone is thinking: Brooklyn Nine-Nine has already been a full-on Die Hard homage since its earliest days, since Andy Samberg's Jake is exactly like Bruce Willis' John McClane in every single way. What separates this trailer from the norm is obviously that it takes place on a building's rooftop, which generally isn't a frequently used location on the show. Otherwise, though, those two projects are like twins.

On a more legitimate tip, Brooklyn Nine-Nine picked a great way to get fans hyped up for its Season 6 return. Die Hard fever always takes over once the winter season hits, and the debate can begin anew over the movie's distinction as a "Christmas film." Thankfully, Jake and the gang weren't invested in making this a holiday affair, and were more interested in showing off Jake flying away from an explosion in slo-mo. Definitely the better choice.

brooklyn nine nine jake explosion GIF

Alas, the trailer wasn't made to reveal that Brooklyn Nine-Nine is leaving the comedy behind to become a full-fledged action thriller when it hits NBC. The hectic helicopter hijinks were just a hypothetical pitch that Jake was unveiling to Captain Holt to use for the precinct's new recruitment video. Understandably, Holt wanted nothing to do with Jake's over-indulgent idea, fun as it was.

Strange that Jake would throw Terry under the bus by the end of the promo, though, when the far less useful Hitchcock and Scully are standing right behind him. Of course, it's more than possible that Terry gets paid more than those two bumbling detectives do, thus making his firing a more lucrative choice for Jake's video-budgeting plans.

Lots of Die Hard fun has gone down this year, which was the 30th anniversary of the original film's release. Fans can pensively look forward to the release of the sixth feature in the franchise, simply called McClane, once production kicks into high gear. The Goldbergs fans can also look forward to an upcoming episode honoring the action classic. Maybe one day, people will be paying respects to Brooklyn Nine-Nine will promo trailers like this, presumably with more pranks.

Jake, Amy and the rest will meet up again with their own version of Hans Gruber in Craig Robinson's Pontiac Bandit -- basically the same villain, right? -- when Brooklyn Nine-Nine debuts on NBC on Thursday, January 10, at 9 p.m. ET. For all the other awesome shows coming to TV soon, head to our fall schedule and our midseason rundown.

Nick Venable
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