Which Originals Character Landon Is Going To Visit In New Orleans

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Landon Kirby is in the wind. Fans already knew that breeze would carry him to New Orleans. In an earlier episode of Legacies, Landon got on a bus headed for the mythos-rich destination. He is headed to the location of Legacies' predecessor series, The Originals. Who is he going to visit there?

Legacies creator Julie Plec has confirmed to TVLine that the friend of the Mikaelsons that Landon was headed to meet in New Orleans was Vincent, thus, confirming what Plec had previously hinted. Unfortunately, as was already revealed, Vincent and Landon's meeting will take place offscreen; this means Yusuf Gatewood is not set to make an appearance at least so far on Legacies, although Plec also mentioned the possibility is open for down the line.

In fact, she did say that she would be "thrilled" to have Vincent show up on Legacies at some point. Fans are undoubtedly ready to see more characters from The Originals show up on Legacies. Isn't that what spinoffs are for? Exactly.

Obviously, Hope Mikaelson hails from The Vampire Diaries spinoff series. She is the person who provided Landon with the bus ticket to her hometown. That is where she told him that a friend of her family would help him find his biological mother.

She also gave him a bracelet with a button that would bring her to him, if he needed her. With Hope as a vital connection between Legacies and The Originals, fans have reason to "hope" she can summon some of her previous co-stars.

Assumedly since we aren't going to be seeing the meeting, a portion of Landon's story will continue to unravel offscreen. As for when exactly Legacies viewers can expect to see Landon again, Julie Plec said he would not be seen right away but didn't get into big specifics. Landon is currently away from Mystic Falls on a critical mission -- tracking down his mom, making his journey at least for the next little while similar to Caroline's activities taking place offscreen.

With Landon and Caroline both in pursuit of off-screen missions, it is safe to say that Legacies is really leveraging its unseen world. It has all been leading to Legacies' huge midseason finale. The special episode is on the horizon and will feature a cliffhanger ending, so brace yourselves.

Episode 7 is also set to share a lot of answers regarding what Landon has been up to, since leaving. This tidbit according to Kaylee Bryant, who plays Josie Saltzman, on the freshman spinoff. She also shared that the tone of this week's episode is different from recent installments. Sounds exciting!

While Landon has been away in search of his mother, Josie and Lizzie's has been on the quest to save her daughters. The show recently revealed the major mission Caroline has been working on and it has to do with The Merge. Yes, that dreaded tradition is rearing its ugly head again.

The midseason finale of Legacies airs Thursday, December 13 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. The series has aired new throughout the fall and will return in the midseason.

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