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Legacies Midseason Finale Will Have Landon Answers And A Big Cliffhanger

Danielle Rose Russell as Hope in Legacies Season 1 on The CW

Spoilers below for the most recent episodes of Legacies, so be sure to catch up before reading on.

Hold on to your butts, Legacies fans. Next week's Season 1, Episode 7, "Death Keeps Knocking On My Door," is the midseason finale, aka the last episode of 2018. Actress Kaylee Bryant (Josie Saltzman) told CinemaBlend it's going to be a doozy:

I think that we are taking a three week break after Episode 7, and Episode 7 definitely leaves you on a cliffhanger. I feel like a lot of episodes do, but Episode 7 is particularly very interesting. It's a different tone than the recent episodes that we've been doing, so I'm excited to see how people react to that. It's definitely going to leave people wanting more.

Speaking of people wanting more, Kaylee Bryant said the December 13 episode will provide more insight into what Landon is up to, after heading to New Orleans to meet a Mikaelson "family friend."

Stay tuned for Episode 7 and you'll get a lot of answers on what Landon is up to and what's going on there.

I was hoping that "family friend" was Vincent from The Originals, and it sounds like I was right ... but we're not going to see him. In an Episode 6 exit interview with EW, showrunner Julie Plec said the Landon update will come off-screen, and not from following him to New Orleans:

We're going to hear about it off camera, but in case anybody's wondering who he went to see, in my mind it was Vincent. He's helping him do some bloodline spells.

In her mind? Why can't we go to New Orleans and see it? There are supposed to be location nods to The Originals ahead, and I was hoping that meant a trip to New Orleans. Guess those nods will come from other locations.

After Episode 7, Legacies is taking a short break, but fans will get more in 2019 when the rest of the 16-episode season continues. Kaylee Bryant told me there's a lot for fans to look forward to:

We have such fun, fun episodes and such dark episodes. I think that Legacies is really fun in that -- The Vampire Diaries and The Originals have a mature dark tone to them, and Legacies is a lot lighter, in my opinion, and kind of doesn't take itself too seriously. Initially, I think we were all kind of figuring out the tone. I think we kind of found our pace throughout after Episode 5 of just knowing when it's OK to make the jokes and when it's OK to let yourself cry. It's just a really interesting tone that I don't think people are quite used to, but I think that our writers have done a really fantastic job.

Kaylee Bryant also previewed connections ahead between the monsters of the week and the overall Big Bad:

It feels in the beginning like 'Oh, it's a dragon' and then 'It's a gargoyle' and it all kind of seems like it's not correlated. But you'll see throughout the season every single monster is there for a reason, and it all leads up to a Big Bad that I think is not going to disappoint people.

At this point, Episode 6 just aired. It was hugely emotional for the Saltzmans, but especially Josie, and also included a clue to the Caroline mystery -- which is connected to The Merge. Episode 7 is meant to be set on Remembrance Day, an annual tradition in Mystic Falls that Vampire Diaries fans may, well, remember.

According to The CW's synopsis, in Episode 7, Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) hits the books to learn more about the latest creature to arrive to the school, and things take a dark and twisted turn, leaving her to confront one of her darkest fears. Meanwhile, Alaric (Matthew Davis) attempts to help Rafael (Peyton Alex Smith) cope after his past comes back to haunt him.

Landon in Legacies on The CW

So we should be learning more about Raf's past, and watching Hope confront one of her darkest fears. What would that be? And how is the latest creature to arrive at the Salvatore school -- apparently The Necromancer -- related to Landon's knife mystery and the overall Big Bad?

Legacies viewers will find out what we find out, and be left on some kind of cliffhanger, next Thursday, December 13 at 9 p.m. on The CW. The show will then return in early 2019, along with many other midseason shows.

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