Ellen DeGeneres Is Considering Ending Her Daytime TV Show

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Daytime television may be on the verge of a massive shakeup. For 15 years, Ellen DeGeneres has entertained the masses with her daily TV show. Now, she is apparently thinking about ending it for real. Rumblings have circulated on the topic in the past, but how close is she to shutting it down?

Contractually speaking, the show is set to continue until summer 2020, which is how long her most recent contract extension was for. In a new interview with The New York Times, Ellen DeGeneres opened up about how fully formed her consideration is about ending her popular daytime talk show. DeGeneres says that her brother really wants her to keep doing it.

Brother Vance DeGeneres cites the positive voice she brings to television on a daily basis as his reason for wanting her to continue her talk show. Ellen DeGeneres' wife, on the other hand, suggests there are other potential outlets for her creativity.

Portia de Rossi suggests acting, standup, radio, or podcasting as alternatives for daytime TV hosting. All of those are fantastic ideas. She added that she does not see the end of the daytime show as marking the end of her wife's career. It is a notion that makes complete sense, as fans will want to follow Ellen DeGeneres for whatever new ventures she takes on.

Based on what Portia de Rossi is saying, it doesn't exactly sound like she is strictly opposed to the daytime TV show continuing. She just wants DeGeneres to have the freedom to pursue other creative outlets. One of which, she is already pursuing, as Netflix will be premiering the comedian's first stand-up comedy special in 15 years, titled Relatable.

For now, the show should continue for at least the next two years. So, The Ellen DeGeneres Show is not going anywhere in the next year. Sadly, the amount of time that is pretty much guaranteed for the show to run can fly by quickly. Daytime television would be facing a huge void if DeGeneres ended her show.

There is nothing on television quite like it. Of course, fans have gotten 15 years of laughs, love, and enduring entertainment. Her interview style is so relaxed and calm, so her conversations are a terrific source for gaining some insight on a project or person. In that way, her regular guests would certainly feel her absence as well.

She has a way of getting to the bottom of things without pressuring anyone for info. In her interview, Ellen DeGeneres mentioned that she regularly goes back and forth on whether she is going to end the talk show or not. Two years is a good amount of time to continue considering her decision, so maybe we'll know something more by 2020.

For now, fans of the comedian are getting a chance to enjoy her new Netflix special, which comes out on Tuesday, December 17, and her TV show. Check your local listings to find out when The Ellen DeGeneres Show airs in your area. It is among many shows airing new episodes this fall and throughout the midseason, so stay informed.

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