Ellen Calls Out Lady Gaga For Ignoring Her Texts

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Ellen DeGeneres is not too happy with Lady Gaga right now. The singer-turned-actress is celebrating one of the high points of her career following her acclaimed turn in the remake of A Star is Born, starring and directed by Bradley Cooper. There's a good chance she'll walk away with a few new awards in the next couple of months for her stunning performance. But in the midst of all these accolades and acclaim, Lady Gaga must not be picking up her phone, because there are apparently a ton of texts from Ellen that have gone unnoticed or, worse, simply ignored. It resulted in a somewhat unpleasant conversation when the singer/actress appeared on Ellen.

During her conversation with Lady Gaga to promote the musical film, Ellen DeGeneres aired out her disgruntlement with the pop artist superstar.

I texted you after Jimmy's wedding. Remember when we said we were going to get together and stuff? And then I texted you, and I never heard from you? ... And then, I saw the movie the other night, I texted Bradley. Bradley got right back to me. Like, immediately. He said, 'I'm in Nashville eating gummy bears. What a great text!' Texted you. Nothing. Nothing. You never text me back!

In the heat of the intensity, Lady Gaga tried to defend herself by claiming that she switches phones constantly and that it's possible that she didn't know it was Ellen DeGeneres trying to contact her during these one-sided text message correspondences. But did Ellen really buy that excuse?

You know, I either, like, don't know what number it is or I blocked you by accident. Sorry... I'll have to check my phone for sure.

But there's some suspicion from Ellen DeGeneres about this reasoning. Namely, because Ellen claims she writes "This is Ellen" within her text messages to Lady Gaga. Suffice to say, the pop star wasn't necessarily in the clear when it comes to Ellen's annoyances, but at least they had a good laugh about it. And Ellen was at least a little sympathetic towards Lady Gaga, admitting that she does change her phone number quite a few times, which might explain why Lady Gaga doesn't know who is texting. Or, rather, that the Star is Born actress doesn't have the right number, since she admits she also changes her phone number a lot. Therefore, it's possible the communication is being lost if both parties don't have the right phone numbers to reach out too.

Check out the clip from Ellen below.

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The mystery of these lost texts lives on. But hopefully, this recent appearance on Ellen allowed Lady Gaga and Ellen DeGeneres to clear the air a little bit and they will make sure they have the right phone numbers to respond to each other should Ellen try to text Lady Gaga again in the near future. Of course, whether or not Lady Gaga keeps up with the correspondence and texts back is a question that will need to be answered in the days to come.

Check out Lady Gaga in A Star is Born, which enters theaters starting this weekend.

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