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The Voice's Youngest Competitor Blew The Coaches' Minds In Epic Season Finale Performance

The Voice aired Part 1 of its 2-part finale on NBC, and throughout a bulk of the night, it appeared the competition could go any way. Then, in the show's final moments, the program's youngest performer, Kennedy Holmes, took the stage and blew the coaches' minds with a performance that may have just made her a frontrunner in the competition. Take a look at the performance, and see how Holmes might've just sealed her victory of The Voice Season 15:

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The song choice was perfect as the 14-year-old singer took the stage glowing with swagger and a stage performance unlike anything else that had been seen during The Voice part 1 finale. Other contestants throughout the night may have performed on a vocal level comparable to Kennedy Holmes' cover performance, but it can safely be said none had even close to the same level of stage presence she had in her final performance.

It was clear at the conclusion that the St. Louis resident killed the performance, as The Voice host Carson Daly noted it was "as loud as its ever been" in the room. Coach Jennifer Hudson was emotional, on her feet, and finally able to give her team member some props once the crowd finally quieted down.

There's so many things to be said. First of all this girl...she just turned 14 y'all! She is the youngest in this competition! That is a true professional right were a true professional in every way...You marched down those steps and then you brought [it] out, I thought Beyonce was up there.

The internet seems to agree with Jennifer Hudson's opinion after the finale, as Kennedy Holmes' picture currently boasts the most retweets on the show's official Twitter. Fellow contestant Kirk Jay isn't too far behind her, however, and it stands to reason any of the other three competitors could squash Holmes' chances of becoming the youngest competitor to win The Voice. Obviously, this competition is still very much anyone's game until all the votes are tallied.

Kennedy Holmes' dominant performance on The Voice came after she found herself in the bottom three and up against fan favorite Reagan Strange for the final spot in the top 4. Holmes' win spoke for itself, although some may say Adam Levine's promotion of Strange in favor of another member of his team prior may have hurt Strange's chances, Whatever the case, Kennedy's clutch survival may be remembered as a pivotal moment in the season should she end up winning.

The results of voting will be revealed Tuesday, December 18 beginning at 8:00 p.m. when The Voice kicks off its 3-hour finale on NBC. For a look at what else is happening on television in the meantime and in the near future, be sure to visit our fall and midseason premiere guides.

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