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Pete Davidson's SNL Sketches Were Pulled By Lorne Michaels After Instagram Post

pete davidson on snl after disturbing instagram post

Saturday Night Live stars aren't strangers to being thrust into the spotlight on a regular basis, but Pete Davidson has been getting attention for some of the wrong reasons. The comedian only appeared in one sketch in the most recent episode, following a alarming Instagram post that drew concerned responses from friends and fans. It's now being reported that SNL creator Lorne Michaels personally cut Davidson's other sketches from that evening's broadcast.

Many were unclear of Pete Davidson's whereabouts whenever Saturday Night Live kicked off its most recent telecast. He did appear twice overall, soothing worries, but Davidson had indeed been set to show up in the episode with normal regularity. According to Page Six, Saturday Night Live's head honcho Lorne Michaels wanted to give Pete Davidson a break from his current mental fatigue by taking away the pressures of performing in that night's sketches. The planned segments were scrapped ahead of the early evening rehearsals.

It's not clear how many were cut, or if Davidson had prominent roles in sketches that made it to air. His one scripted appearance came during the pretty solid Oscar host sketch, which was pre-taped. He did appear live on camera, but only to introduce a performance from Miley Cyrus and Mark Ronson.

Lorne Michaels is reportedly putting more effort into keeping Pete Davidson's health a priority, even potentially by getting the clinically bi-polar comedian further help. It was also said that everyone in the SNL squad, "Weekend Update" duo Colin Jost and Michael Che in particular, was upset and being protective of Davidson.

Currently, SNL will still have Pete Davidson yukking it up when Season 44 recommences in 2019 following its winter hiatus. It doesn't appear that behind-the-scenes discussions are leading to Davidson's hiatus from the show being extended. That could change in time, but hopefully nothing happens that would cause such an outcome.

As many may already know, Pete Davidson took to social media on Saturday night to speak out in defense of Kanye West, who had his own Twitter fracas happening. Though Davidson was only referring to West's words about mental health struggles, the Internet did its thing, and Davidson soon posted the following (non-cleaned-up) message:

i really don't want to be on this earth anymore. i'm doing my best to stay here for you but i actually don't know how much longer i can last.

This prompted lots of heartfelt responses, and even his ex-fiancé Ariana Grande was said to have showed up to check on him. (It was reported that security was told not to let her see him, though.) The post also caused the NYPD to show up to confirm contact with Pete Davidson in order to perform a wellness check.

For now, everything appears calmer, and fans can check out Saturday Night Live -- complete with Pete Davidson -- with it returns to NBC in 2019. In the meantime, fall TV and midseason premieres should be enough to tide everyone over.

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