Adam Sandler Shares Awesome Tribute To Chris Farley On 21st Anniversary Of His Death

In Adam Sandler's Netflix special 100% Fresh, he gives a moving musical tribute to his friend, Chris Farley. On the 21st anniversary of his passing, Sandler posted the video in honor of Farley on social media. Take a look at the post and video:

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The actor and comedian passed away on December 18, 1997. He was 33. As you can tell from Adam Sandler's tribute, the two were more than solely castmates on Saturday Night Live. They were also really good friends.

Among the personal stories Adam Sandler shares in his song is the first time he saw Chris Farley. Sandler describes Farley doing a cartwheel before slow-dancing with the cleaning lady. He calls his friend a "one-man party," something that came across throughout his memorable career.

Clips from Saturday Night Live play in the background as Adam Sandler continues. The late star's electric performance energy surges from the clips. Sandler praises Chris Farley for always delivering on Saturday nights and highlights his most famous bits on the sketch show.

As a caption to the video (as posted on Twitter), Adam Sandler touchingly wrote: "We all miss you, bud." Sandler's tribute to his friend definitely delivers that message in moving fashion.

The tribute also shares info about how Adam Sandler and others cautioned Chris Farley to "slow down," citing fears that he would meet the untimely fate of John Belushi and John Candy.

John Belushi was an original member of the Saturday Night Live cast. He passed away in 1982 at the same age as Farley ultimately would -- 33. John Candy died three years before Farley at the age of 43. In his tribute song, Adam Sandler says that Chris Farley responded to the concerns saying they were his heroes.

Adam Sandler's song offers a lot of poignant insights into the pair's friendship and Chris Farley as a whole. Personal vignettes fill the song, which is sprinkled with heartwarming, funny, and heartbreaking ones. As much as Sandler and Farley are known for making people laugh, this clip is likely to make you cry.

Other details shared by Adam Sandler include how Chris Farley is still bringing the funny to people, including Sandler's kids. The actor shares that they watch clips of Farley on YouTube and his 1995 movie, Tommy Boy. Sandler reminisces about Chris Farley's various characters. Behind him, a clip of Farley and Sandler together plays. In it, Sandler can be seen smiling ear to ear, clearly cracked up by Farley.

You will be hard-pressed to find the camera having captured Adam Sandler with a broader smile on his face in his career. In his song, Sandler says that Chris Farley is the funniest guy he has ever known, and that image is certainly proof.

You can watch Adam Sandler's Netflix special 100% Fresh on Netflix, along with other premieres on the streaming giant. The special was among many shows that have debuted this fall. More will arrive in the new year.

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