HBO Trolls Entourage's Vinny With Hilarious Fake Aquaman Trailer

The minute DC announced it was seriously making an Aquaman movie, the Entourage jokes started. Those jokes have now culminated in a fake trailer from HBO itself, trolling its own OG Aquaman Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) with footage from the new Aquaman trailer starring Jason Momoa. Check it out:

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WTF, Vince! HBO's Entourage had a Season 2 storyline following Vince's big breakout role as Aquaman in a superhero film directed by James Cameron. Cameron himself showed up to star in a few episodes, and the fake Aquaman film went on to break Spider-Man's then actual record for the biggest opening weekend ever. Vince was later replaced by Jake Gyllenhaal for Aquaman 2.

Now Jason Momoa is starring in Aquaman, directed by James Wan, as part of the DCEU film franchise. It hits theaters this Friday, so HBO chose the perfect time to troll its own star.

Entertainment Weekly recently talked to Entourage creator Doug Ellin about the new Aquaman movie, which he said he's excited to see. He admitted they chose Vince to play Aquaman because Aquaman was always the butt of a joke and the most ridiculous superhero to pick:

Yeah, that's really what we went with. Like I said, now looking at the trailer, they obviously pulled it off, but I didn't see any way you could make that movie. I'm not a big comic book or superhero person, but it just seemed very silly.

As you can imagine, the Entourage creator said he had a lot of people asking him what he thought when Warner Bros./DC announced this real Aquaman movie:

I got a text from one of my best friends asking, "Are you getting any from this?" And I'm like, "No, I'm not." And he literally writes, "Why not?" He's one of my friends who always asks very stupid questions, and I'm like, "Because I don't have anything to do with it, what do you mean why not?" [Laughs.] I thought it was funny and cool. I don't think for a second that we inspired it. I think they see how well these movies are doing, and they're probably going to make every single superhero that exists at some point until they stop working.

Probably. Aquaman seems to be getting good reviews, and it has already made a ton of money overseas. Director James Wan isn't signed on yet for a potential Aquaman 2, but it would be great to get an Adrian Grenier cameo in there somewhere. He had said he would cameo in the first movie, but he did have a pretty hilarious condition that James Wan and company may not ever want to bend to meet. It's a good thing Jake Gyllenhaal is currently busy as Sony/Marvel's Mysterio or they might recast him as Aquaman.

Aquaman hits theaters this week. Entourage is off the air at HBO, but there are many midseason 2019 shows to watch very soon.

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