The Flash May Bring John Wesley Shipp's '90s Barry Allen Back After Elseworlds Crossover

The Flash recently brought back '90s era Barry Allen for the "Elseworlds" crossover. While that was an exciting development for fans, many wanted to see him more. In response to one fan voicing their frustration, John Wesley Shipp hinted at some encouraging news on that front. See his tweet below:

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Maybe fans have not seen the last of Earth-90 Flash, after all? That is the hopeful sign this tweet seems to be suggesting. A return would not be entirely unexpected, especially because Arrow-verse producer Marc Guggenheim praised John Wesley Shipp's involvement in "Elseworlds" as one of his favorite aspects. So, why not bring him back?

The Arrow-verse crossover event affirmed a crucial aspect that would open the door for John Wesley Shipp to return. "Elseworlds" acknowledged Shipp's '90s TV show as canon to the current Flash, thus, connecting the two seemingly disparate worlds as part of The Flash's ongoing introduction of various Earths.

John Wesley Shipp's Earth-90 Flash played an integral role in the crossover, which seemed to hint at the opportunity for more to come from him. Few other shows besides The Flash could have the actor from the original series reprise his role without disrupting the new show's canon.

John Wesley Shipp is obviously a fan favorite, so any opportunity to see him on-screen is welcomed. The show cannot go wrong in continuing to utilize him. Considering that Shipp is clearly willing to keep playing around in The Flash universe, they have a fortunate gift in their midst. There is no reason not to use him.

Since The CW's version of The Flash premiered, John Wesley Shipp has played Barry Allen's dad, Henry, and he has also played Earth-3's Flash -- Jay Garrick. The early seasons of The Flash did not always leverage the asset it has in Shipp. For instance, right after his release from prison, Barry's dad inexplicably decided to leave Central City.

Whether John Wesley Shipp has been properly utilized is an issue for fans of The Flash to continue contemplating. The new question is when exactly fans could expect to see Earth-90 Flash again. Hopefully, they will not have to wait until the next Arrow-verse crossover.

Whenever Earth-90 Flash returns, one would hope fans get to see more of him than they did in the "Elseworlds" crossover. If there is one character that merits an entire episode dedicated to them, it would be him.

The Flash will be back next year, so fans will have a little time to sit with John Wesley Shipp's tease. A lot of questions remain for the second half of Season 5. While the future status of Earth-90 Flash is not entirely confirmed, fans do know that The Flash plans to explain Nora's alliance with Eobard Thawne, so there's already a lot to look forward to.

The Flash returns Tuesday, January 15 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. The series was among many shows airing new episodes this fall and will return alongside many others in the new year.

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