The Flash: 13 Questions We Have About The Rest Of Season 5

The Flash's time-altering fifth season delivered a game-changing twist in its midseason finale, and with the "Elseworlds" crossover dropping some equally crazy reveals, Arrow-verse fans may have a lot of questions built up ahead of the season's last stretch of episodes. In no particular order, here are most of the questions we still have about Barry, Nora (if that is her real name), Cicada and more!

Nora West-Allen Jessica Parker Kennedy The Flash The CW

Is Nora Really A West-Allen?

Nora's collaboration with Reverse Flash, regardless of what her future circumstances may be, really throws into question whether or not she really is a part of the West-Allen family. After all, one would think Barry and Iris' true daughter would've learned what an awful person Reverse-Flash is, and just how crafty and dangerous he can be. Literally, everyone involved with Team Flash knows of the villains' heinous exploits, so it's really weird that the couple's offspring seemingly doesn't.

Cicada Chris Klein The Flash The CW

Is Cicada Working With Reverse Flash, Or For Him?

Knowing that Nora's "rescue" trip may have been fully orchestrated, it stands to reason Cicada may be a part of Reverse Flash's plan as well. The question, however, is whether Cicada is working with the genuine help of Flash's nemesis, or if he's just a pawn in his game. Olin's hatred of Metas and his unique skillset both seem to indicate he wouldn't have anything to do with Reverse-Flash, so perhaps he's also being manipulated beyond his understanding.

Eobard Thawne Tom Cavanaugh The Flash The CW

What's Going On With Reverse-Flash's Hair?

Eobard Thawne is capable of changing his appearance, though he's clearly shown a preference of late for wearing the face of Harrison Wells. The Flash showed us the villain is still wearing Wells' face in Nora's future, but his blondish hair is clearly a different look. But is he somehow blending the Wells and Thawne identities, or is he losing control of those powers? There has to be some reason for such a perceptible, if slight, change.

Eobard Thawne Tom Cavanaugh The Flash The CW

Is Thawne In Prison?

Nora's visit to Thawne shows him encased in a glass box seemingly constructed by someone highly inspired by David Blaine's endurance stunts. It's impossible to know what the future's metahuman prison system is like, but this holding cell feels less like a CCPD prison and more like Nora's version of The Pipeline, where evil metas (or otherwise) are held until other authorities are brought in. But which is it, and how did he get put in there?

Nora Jessica Parker Kennedy The Flash The CW

Is Nora A Villain?

When Gideon began rattling off Nora's title in The Flash's 100th episode, fans got hung up on one easter egg. The reveal that Nora will be in a rebooted "Legion" team was cut off before she said which team. Many have guessed Nora is part of the "Legion of Superheroes," but others predict Gideon was about to say the villainous "Legion of Doom," which Reverse-Flash was part of on Legends of Tomorrow. So where does her allegiance really lie?

Nora West-Allen Jessica Parker Kennedy The Flash The CW

Will Nora Ever Talk About Being A Hero?

Nora has mentioned many things about the future against Barry's wishes, but not once has she ever talked about her XS exploits. It's clear she has ties to speedsters in the future, but why wouldn't she be more up front about her heroics, if only to win Barry's approval? Also, why is she only learning all these speed-related talents now, and why isn't she worried about people in this point of the timeline seeing as XS if she's a public figure years later?

Barry Nora Thawne The Flash The CW

Did Traveling To The Past Affect The Timeline?

Barry and Nora's trip to the past to collect Cicada-defeating items was a failure, and it's possible they severely altered the main timeline with their adventure. For example, Zoom was captured by a Time Wraith, and Harry Wells spotted Barry's Flash ring long before the speedster actually had one. Barry's past jaunts have totally screwed up the timeline, so it would be silly to think that no repercussions will follow those latest trips back.

Nora West-Allen Jessica Parker Kennedy The Flash The CW

Why Doesn't Future Nora Know About Nora Allen?

It's very strange that the woman named after Barry's mother didn't know the circumstances in which her grandmother died. Seriously, one would imagine that question surfacing sooner rather than later. Was Iris really that cryptic with Nora about Barry's past, and did the Flash Museum just ignore that info? It's strange that the majority of Nora's knowledge of her father seems restricted to publicly known facts of his heroic exploits, especially as she works with O.G. Nora's murderer.

Joe West Jesse L. Martin The Flash The CW

Will Joe's Absence Be Explained?

Detective Joe West spent a majority of Season 5 seated, and he's now been gone for several episodes. The non-narrative explanation is that star Jesse L. Martin took a medical leave of absence from the show, but it was reported his exit will be explained on the program. That hasn't happened yet, so perhaps the back half of the season will lay out where Joe has been, possibly tying into Cicada or Nora's plans.

Killer Frost Danielle Panabaker The Flash The CW

Will Caitlin Help Her Father Get The Serum?

Thomas Snow (or Icicle) escaped before he could be captured by Team Flash, but he still needs a serum to survive, so he's probably going to make another run at obtaining it. Caitlin seemed torn in her obligation to help her father, knowing his personality was dominated by an evil half. (Totes familiar to this family.) But will they come together in the end, and will it possibly introduce Mr. Freeze to The Flash, since Killer Frost already faced his wife?

Sherloque Wells Tom Cavanaugh The Flash The CW

Will We Meet Sherloque Wells' Ex-Wives?

The Flash introduced the concept that Sherloque Wells does detective work to pay off his multitude of ex-wives on other Earths, and the comment about it on "Elseworlds" there has to be some kind of a planned payoff. Who are these many wives of Sherloque, and would they all be played by the same actress? Honestly, I'm hoping the show gets a guest actress for the reveal that exhibits as much range as Tom Cavanagh does with different character iterations.

Barry Grant Gustin The Flash The CW

Is Season 5 Going To Have A Happy Ending?

With a big "new" villain being revealed at the midseason finale, it seems more than likely this latest Flash turmoil may extend beyond Season 5. Even if it doesn't, is there a so-called happy ending in Cicada being defeated and his orphaned niece having no one left? What about when Nora's betrayal is uncovered, and the West-Allens are torn anew? Bottom line: Season 5 has the potential to end on one of several depressing notes, without much room for happiness.

The Monitor LaMonica Garrett Elseworlds The CW

Will This All Help Set Up Crisis On Infinite Earths?

Reverse-Flash played a vital role in DC's "Crisis On Infinite Earths" storyline, so his re-introduction into The Flash a year before the next crossover can't be a coincidence. It's possible The Flash is setting up the events that will eventually lead to the big Crisis, with the payoff to come in next year's mash-up. It's an ambitious move to push the show's serialization that far, but then so is bringing one of DC's most complicated storylines to live-action.

The Flash returns to The CW to kick off the second half of Season 5 on Tuesday, January 15, at 8:00 p.m. ET. For a look at all the things happening before and after that, head on over to our fall and midseason premiere guides.

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