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Did The Timeless Finale Leave The Door Open For The Show To Return?

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Timeless finale. Read at your own risk!

Timeless has come to an end...or has it? That's the question some may be wondering after watching the finale, which teased the adventure may not be ending after all. The moment came when a brilliant young girl named Paulina, whom Rufus was impressed with at a science fair earlier, was later seen at home doodling what appears to be a time machine. Executive Producer Shawn Ryan did confirm that the moment was a way of leaving things open for Timeless to return.

...We're sort of like Rufus, we're a little cocky in the idea that death doesn't "take" with us, so to me it was important to have. We wanted to give a very satisfying conclusion to the NBC portion of this show, and what may be the end of any version of this show. At the same time, we wanted that liiiiittle crack, so that if the time comes, the set-up is there for it.

Shawn Ryan confirmed the tease was to keep the door open for Season 3, just in case there's some network out there eager to bring the show back to television. Ryan admitted to TVLine, however, that there are no plans at the moment for another season, and that the wheels won't be set in motion for that unless the show gains some momentum or someone is interested making a bunch of Clockstoppers happy by bringing it back to television.

As for how that would happen exactly is unknown, but with Rittenhouse defeated and the Mothership destroyed, one would presume the Time Team would be up against the creator of a new time machine. Again, the Timeless crew hasn't ironed out the details as to how it would come back, but it appears the stage is certainly set for Lucy, Wyatt, Rufus, and Jiya to make it their mission to save the world again if need be.

Until that day comes, Lucy and Wyatt seem to be enjoying life in the year 2023. The two are together with two children (Flynn and Amy), and Lucy just managed to get tenure at her university! Jiya and Rufus are together as well, of course, and are running some STEM program that may have inadvertently inspired a child to create a time machine. Flynn, of course, is not in this timeline, as he sacrificed himself in order to save Rufus.

Timeless is over for now, but it's been saved from cancellation once before, so it could always make its way back to television to continue on to Season 3. For a look at what else is happening on television going forward, be sure to visit and bookmark our handy fall and midseason premiere guides.

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