The Walking Dead Midseason Whisperer Trailer Is Creepy As Hell

Leave it to The Walking Dead to deliver what may very well be the creepiest trailer of the year. Just in time before 2018 ends, the AMC series has produced an unsettling promo for the 2019 midseason return. Watch it below:

Congratulations for still scrolling even after all that creepiness. It is entirely understandable if you had to go a corner somewhere before returning. The "Whisperers" teaser shows Samantha Morton's new character Alpha, who was previously seen in The Walking Dead's initial spate of Season 9 midseason key art. In that disturbing image, she could be seen hushing the camera.

The word disturbing sort of fails to completely describe this trailer. Watching Alpha sew this mask is both gross and shocking. Contemplating the contents that comprise it only adds to the upsetting visual.

The ending shot of Alpha is nightmare-inducing. Then The Walking Dead goes for the jugular with an equally creepy "whisper" song playing in the background. It is best to watch this promo as early in the day as possible -- just saying.

The Walking Dead will feature The Whisperers in a high-profile way when Season 9 returns. Samantha Morton's casting as Alpha was announced a while ago. Comic book fans have been waiting a long time for this storyline to come to pass. Now, the dreadful time has arrived in a major way. To put it very simply, The Whisperers are survivors who disguise themselves with walker skin. Not just temporarily, but as a life choice. It's a whole thing.

Of course, the comics offer an excellent springboard for theories to abound. The Walking Dead has paved the way for a disturbing development to take place. Fans will have to tune in to see if the show adapts one of The Whisperers' most lethal moments from the comic books.

Whether the AMC show includes that specific comic book nod or not, we know The Whisperers are coming. The trailer for the first half of Season 9 revealed The Whisperers would make their way to this season. The show appears to be fully embracing its focus on the chilling group with its promos for the second half.

You cannot have Alpha without a Beta and Bates Motel's Ryan Hurst will be filling those shoes. Hurst and Samantha Morton can bring it, and they will be bringing "it" to The Walking Dead. Now, everyone else will have to face Alpha.

Those with an in-depth knowledge of the comics have a strong idea of what may lie ahead. Everyone else, buckle up. The back half of Season 9 will be a tough one to watch right before bed.

The Walking Dead Season 9 will return for its midseason premiere on Sunday, February 10 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC. The series is among many shows returning in the new year.

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