Why Flip Or Flop's Christina And Tarek Still Work Together After Split

Christina And Tarel El Moussa Flip Or Flop HGTV

When Christina and Tarek El Moussa announced their divorce, it seemed as though their shared series Flip or Flop was coming to an end. Surprisingly, however, the show was renewed for Season 8 in August and the two have maintained a working relationship, despite the end of their marriage. For those who may be wondering why the two continue to work together, Tarek explained why he still works with Christina.

We've been doing this a really long time. It's part of who we are and what we do. And for us to just throw it all away just wasn't worth it.

That doesn't mean there aren't fights, of course, as both Tarek and Christina admitted there are trying days. Christina told Today there are times they want to "kill each other" and a director for Flip or Flop added some of their fights were so big they made their way onto footage for Season 8. Still, the couple seemed in agreement that the working dynamic between them is better now that the divorce is over.

The couple remain on good terms, even in the face of new relationships. Tarek mentioned he's dating, even though it may be a while before he pursues a serious relationship. Tarek also had nothing against Christina's new husband, Ant Anstead, and generally approved of the couple's new life together.

Yeah, he's great. He seems like a good guy, my kids seem to like him.

Christina married Ant Anstead in a recent surprise ceremony, but it is unknown whether Tarek was there for the big day. The ceremony was allegedly a surprise to the guests attending, who originally met up thinking the gathering was to attend the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade. Tarek and Christina's children, Taylor and Braden, were both in attendance alongside Anstead's children.

Christina and Tarek's children are not just the unifying legal bond the former couple share, they also play a part in the continuing of Flip or Flop. Christina mentioned the children as a factor to keeping things civil and maintaining the same professionalism they had as a couple.

And most importantly, we have two amazing kids together. So, it's just easier to work together and get along.

Christina and Tarek's recent comments on their working relationship haven't changed much over the years. This is in line with what they were saying a couple years ago. For now Flip or Flop isn't going anywhere, but with spinoffs and Christina launching a new show soon, it's safe to speculate Season 9 isn't a sure thing. Of course, if things between the couple stay as amicable as they've been, Flip or Flop could be on television for a long time.

Flip Or Flop Season 8 is reportedly airing in the Spring of 2019 on HGTV. Christina's new show, Christina on the Coast, will air in early 2019. Lots of other television will arrive in 2019, so be sure to keep up on all the action by visiting and bookmarking our midseason premiere guide. For a look at things still coming in 2018, visit our fall premiere guide.

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