Why The Blacklist's Liz Isn't Going Public With Red's Big Secret

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The Blacklist is heading back with Liz now in the know regarding Red's huge secret. Fans were already privy to Liz working with Jennifer to crack the case surrounding Red's true identity. One question has been brewing though. Why is Liz not sharing what she knows with the FBI? In a new clip, Liz explains:

It's too risky. . . Anyone who's ever gotten close to the truth about who Reddington was, before he became Reddington, ended up dead. My husband, Dr. Korpal. . . Jennifer trust me. We cannot go to the Bureau, not yet.

For those who may have wondered why Liz is not willing to share the truth with her colleagues, there is your answer. The Blacklist insight comes by way of a clip from Season 6, shared with The Wrap.

That clip reveals that Liz is not keeping the truth from the FBI because she does not trust them. She is just trying to protect them from the high mortality rate of knowing the truth -- something that makes sense. Red did not kill Tom to keep his true origins from coming out though.

While Tom died pursuing Red's secret and trying to share it with Liz, he was actually murdered on Ian Garvey's orders. Yes, the same guy that Jennifer has such a glowing opinion of. That is bound to become an issue, right?

For now, the sisters are committed to finding the truth together. How Liz's colleagues/friends will react to her keeping another big secret from them will be interesting to watch. Liz previously faked her death and kept them in the dark.

Some of them took it better than others, but they felt betrayed. Liz will likely explain she was acting out of sound concern for their safety, which should help mitigate the damage. Still, they should be frustrated that she would not trust them to take care of themselves.

Plus, Liz would make a lot more headway a lot quicker if she relied on the task force to help her uncover the truth. Understandably, Liz does not find risking their lives worth the progress.

In the clip, Liz explains how she and Jennifer plan on getting the full truth regarding Red's secret. Jennifer's friend is apparently working on restoring medical records that current Red had erased. Will those restored medical records show everything that Liz expects to find? The big question is what Liz touches on in the clip.

Who was Reddington before he became Reddington? Is he dead Red's identical twin brother? Did they always share this persona and keep switching off throughout their lives? Season 6 will hopefully answer these questions and more when it returns. One thing fans do know is that Red will end up going to jail and that Liz is likely behind his prison stint.

The Blacklist's sixth season will begin with a two-night premiere. The two-part Season 6 premiere will start Thursday, January 3 at 10 p.m. ET. It concludes on Friday, January 4 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. The Blacklist will continue airing in the latter time slot throughout the upcoming midseason.

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