Two Contestants Quit The Bachelor: Vietnam During Rose Ceremony In Franchise First

The Bachelor franchise has delivered plenty of drama over its years on the air, and the last couple of years in the American market alone have delivered some controversial twists and turns. Now, however, The Bachelor: Vietnam managed a twist that is even more unprecedented than Arie dumping Becca and Kamil dropping a heartbreaking bombshell on Annaliese in front of a studio audience. Two contestants quit The Bachelor: Vietnam at the end of a recent episode, but it wasn't because they'd given up on love. It was because they'd found love... in each other.

Vietnamese Bachelor Nguyen Quoc Trung was distributing roses at the rose ceremony of a recent episode when one of the contestants threw a wrench in the proceedings. Minh Thu stepped forward and told the leading man that she found love while filming the show, but it wasn't with him. Then, in a turn of events that might have rendered even Chris Harrison speechless, Minh Thu turned away from Nguyen Quoc Trung and approached fellow contestant Truc Nhu. Emotional to the point of tears, she wrapped her arms around Truc Nhu and asked her to leave with her.

Truc Nhu nodded yes to Minh Thu, then approached Nguyen Quoc Trung to say her goodbye. This unexpected turn of events wasn't enough to change his mind about pursuing a relationship (admittedly, Bachelor-style) with Truc Nhu, and he asked her to stay, telling her that he thinks she'd "have regret" if she left the series with Minh Thu. Even the host got in on the conversation, encouraging Truc Nhu to stay rather than walk off with Minh Thu. Nevertheless, Truc Nhu chose Minh Thu, and after hugging the Bachelor goodbye, the two contestants effectively eliminated themselves by leaving.

The remaining contestants were visibly shocked by what transpired between Minh Thu and Truc Nhu, and some were even moved to tears themselves by the emotional display. This was a twist that had never happened before on any incarnation of The Bachelor or one of its spinoffs. It seems more like something that would go down on the beaches of Bachelor in Paradise than a season of The Bachelor! One thing that is absolutely for sure is that The Bachelor: Vietnam is now getting far more international attention than it would have if Minh Thu and Truc Nhu had not walked off together. The story has gone viral. Take a look at the dramatic rose ceremony for yourself:

It now remains to be seen if any of the Bachelor franchise shows in the American market can accomplish anything more dramatic and shocking. The past few seasons have certainly provided some dramatics -- and wild fashion choices -- but nothing as incredible as two contestants walking off together. Who knows? Maybe Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor will deliver. At the very least, the season may be a countdown to if and when Colton loses his V-card. After The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, maybe the third time is the charm for him! We'll have to wait until The Bachelor returns to the TV lineup to find out for sure.

Laura Hurley
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