The Good Place's Jameela Jamil Was Misidentified On The Globes Red Carpet In The Best Way

Jameela Jamil misidentified as Kamilah Al-Jamil on E!

On The Good Place, Jameela Jamil's Tahani al-Jamil has lived her entire life (and death) in the shadow of her over-accomplished sister, and now that running joke on the show has weirdly extended to real life. Jamil was present at the Golden Globes ceremony this evening, and while walking the red carpet had her misidentified as Kamilah Al-Jamil by the chyron writers at E!

This seems like it might be some kind of meta joke played on Jameela Jamil, however, according to TV Line it was a straight-up mistake. At the end of the network's red carpet coverage Nina Parker said, "Jameela Jamil, we know your name, girl... It's live, it happens!" identifying what could have been a funny in-joke as a bit of a goof on behalf of the folks behind the scenes. It's a shame, because this could have easily been played off and earned cheers.

For those who don't watch The Good Place, Tahani al-Jamil is a rich socialite who spends the bulk of her time organizing events and galas for charitable organizations, but what looks like full-hearted benevolence is all a sham. Instead, the reality is that she is insanely insecure because her parents heaped tons of love on to her genius sister, Kamilah (Rebecca Hazlewood), instead of her, and craves attention and acceptance. Even when she does incredible things she still eternally lives in the shadow of her sibling, which is what makes the chyron mistake so funny.

Tahani al-Jamil being hugged by her sister Kamilah on The Good Place

Jameela Jamil has not yet responded to the mistake by E!, but there's a pretty good reason for that. As the story is being written the Golden Globes is still on, and it's possible that she has not yet read about what was shown on television while she was on the red carpet. That being said, we will definitely update this story with her reaction once it's live (and we definitely expect it).

The Good Place is nominated for both Best Television Series - Musical or Comedy and Best Performance - Musical or Comedy (Kristen Bell) at the Golden Globes tonight. The show is currently in its third season, and has been on hiatus since December 6th. The good news is that the show will soon be back, and the next episode will be airing this Thursday, January 10th, at 9:30pm on NBC. Unfortunately, there isn't much of the season left, as after this weeks episode there will only be two more until the finale, which will be airing on January 24th.

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