The Blacklist Fans Should Probably Start Worrying About One Big Character

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During The Blacklist's two-part premiere, the crime drama hinted at worrying developments for one of its major characters. Samar's recovery from her near-death experience may not be going as well as fans hoped. The Blacklist's creator, Jon Bokenkamp, is doubling down on the dire hints, saying:

A very emotional story [is coming]. It's going to weave through these bigger criminal cases, and it's a real doozy. It will change the landscape of the show in a great way.

Jon Bokenkamp's hints as to where Samar's story is headed in Season 6 to TVLine are far from assuring. He refers to her arc as being a "real doozy." That is not a positive sign. Saying the story is "emotional" is also not much of a positive, either.

Emotions on television often mean tears, especially on a show that can be as grim as The Blacklist. It's not so long ago that poor Tom was killed! If the show is going in a dark direction for Samar, fans could be in for a rough ride. Why can't Samar and Aram only be happy? The couple is currently engaged. Instead of hearing wedding bells, Jon Bokenkamp is setting off alarm bells about what to expect in the couple's future.

There is a silver lining to what The Blacklist creator said. He indicated the show would be changed in a "great" way. If "great" is taken to mean something positive, then fans may be in for a turbulent yet happy ending for Samar.

If Jon Bokenkamp was referring to how seismic or significant the storyline's impact on the show would be, that takes things in another direction. One of the glorious aspects of The Blacklist is its fantastic ensemble. Samar is a crucial part of it, so it is all but impossible to imagine the show without her.

Plus, Samar's coupling with Aram is one of the many highlights of the show. Their dynamic has brought and continues to bring something magical to the procedural. As The Blacklist has focused on them more and more each season, that has only become more pronounced.

There is nothing to gain story-wise from Samar's health crisis ending badly, in my book. She is an excellent agent and a complicated person. Samar having health issues does present The Blacklist with a strong storyline to explore, in that it gives her something to organically grapple with as a character.

The story should also be a test for Samar and Aram's relationship. It stands to reason that she may keep her issues to herself rather than share them with Aram. That hypothetical decision could theoretically lead the two to have some sort of trust issues.

Of course, they could eventually work their issues out and get married with happiness in full view. Samar and Aram getting a central storyline would be excellent news. Hopefully, it will end well.

Watch how Samar's story unfolds when new episodes of The Blacklist air Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. The crime drama's sixth season is part of NBC's new slate of midseason programming.

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