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Team Flash learned before the break that even elaborate time travel plans aren't enough to defeat Cicada and that the answer to defeating the serial killer may lie elsewhere. This will send the team to some different places in search of answers, one of which being the criminal underworld. Yep, Barry's getting down and dirty in an upcoming episode. Ralph actor Hartley Sawyer shared the details on what should be an interesting episode of The Flash.

I'm maybe most excited for Episode 13. That's like Ralph and Barry, for the whole episode, that's like their storyline and that was just a blast to shoot because I love working with Grant and I love those two characters together. In our fight against Cicada, we need to find something sort of in like the underworld kind of thing, the criminal world. Everybody's like, 'I don't know where to look,' and Ralph's like, 'I do, I spent a lot of time there. I know where to look.' So it takes those two characters on this journey into this world that Ralph knows well and Barry and the others don't, and some really really fun stuff happens.

Ralph Dibny's the hero Team Flash needs for this adventure, as Barry needs someone with extensive experience in being bad to help him navigate the criminal underworld. Hartley Sawyer explained on Sirius XM's EW Live (via EW) the two have a specific reason for being there that involves Cicada, but was rather vague about what leads them down that avenue. The two are in search of "something," but what?

The Flash fans may have to wait on that answer, but Hartley Sawyer's revelation that Team Flash is still hot on the trail of Cicada shows he's still very much a problem. That's not at all unexpected, although the revelation late last year that Reverse Flash was working behind the scenes had some wondering if he might take over as the true big bad of the season. For now, it appears Barry and Team Flash are still focused on Cicada.

Hartley Sawyer also teased a couple other things Ralph will be up to when The Flash returns, as the Elongated Man will be teaming up with other members of the team. Sawyer said Ralph will get some solid time with Killer Frost in Episode 11 and will have a fun boys night with Cisco in Episode 12. The last "fun" boys night Ralph took the guys on wasn't that enjoyable, so this episode may not be that fun for Cisco.

The Flash is back on The CW Tuesday, January 15 at 8:00 p.m. ET. Television is in the thick of a lot of high profile show returns, and the debut of some promising new ones, so audiences should make sure they're keeping tabs on everything going on by bookmarking our midseason premiere guide.