Did Tom Brady Drop An F-Bomb After The AFC Championship?

Once again, the New England Patriots are headed to the Super Bowl. No matter how many times it happens, it's still exhilarating for Tom Brady, who seemed to have forgotten he was on live television following the overtime win against the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship. Watch the video and ask yourself, "Did Tom Brady just drop an f-bomb on live television?"

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So the question here is, did Tom Brady respond to the interviewer's question with the statement "un-fucking-believable bro,"? It's admittedly hard to tell as both men are talking at the same time, which somewhat muffles the speech in between. Even so, listening enough times does make it seem like it was more likely the G.O.A.T. said it than not. Is it clear enough that an NFL referee could rule it was said beyond a reasonable doubt though?

As it stands, things are looking to lean in favor of "Touchdown Tom" avoiding a fine. The interviewer completely ignored the swear as if nothing happened and Brady seemed to do the same, which makes it feel as though folks might just be hearing what they want to hear. Additionally, it's hard to believe one of the biggest NFL players of the modern era who's on television and radio weekly during the NFL season could let that slip.

Twitter seems to have an opinion on the matter, and the results are resoundingly in favor of Tom Brady swearing over him saying something like "frick" or cutting his voice to self-censor. Because Brady seems to win more often than he loses, it appears the internet is more on board with his profanity than they are not.

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Of course, the masses may have a different opinion than networks and advertisers, and if they rule Tom Brady did say the word, there will probably be fines. The amounts can always vary, but chances are that whatever fine is thrown the quarterback's way, he can afford to pay the bill. Hell, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft may even offer to foot the bill for him as a reward for the three consecutive trips to the Super Bowl.

Whatever may come of this swearing incident, it's probably safe to say Tom Brady isn't sweating it out and is instead gearing up to take on the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII. As mentioned, the New England Patriots will make their third consecutive trip to the big game one year after losing to the Philadelphia Eagles, and two years after an insane comeback victory against the Atlanta Falcons. Can Brady lead his team to their second title in three years?

That's all happening in a couple weeks, so in the meantime, let's reach a consensus. Feel free to vote in our poll to let us know what you think Tom Brady said, and head over to our midseason premiere guide to see what else is coming to television in 2019.

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