Whether you love him or hate him, Tom Brady is best known as one of the most successful quarterbacks to have ever played the game of football. As such, the athlete has gotten the honor of appearing in a handful of television shows. Brady has appeared in both live-action and animation over the years. Check out some of his more notable appearances on television throughout the years outside of the world of football:


Entourage creator and actor Mark Wahlberg is a huge fan of the New England Patriots, so its no surprise he rang up Tom Brady for an appearance on the star-studded series. What is surprising, however, is that Brady's episode, "Fore," was actually written for two of his biggest football rivals, quarterbacks Peyton and Eli Manning. When the Manning brothers had to back out last minute, Brady was there to step in after a few quick rewrites.

Tom Brady's Entourage episode might have been better than whatever was planned for the Mannings, as it opened up a hilarious plotline between Brady and the die-hard New York sports fan Turtle. Turtle, excited to tell Tom Brady what he really thought of him, is made to feel a bit awkward when Brady cuts him off and invites him and his girlfriend to his house for dinner. Brady enjoyed his time on the show so much he turned back up for the movie in a brief but memorable cameo. Whether or not he enjoyed being in the film as much as teammate Rob Gronkowski is up for debate.

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