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Spoilers ahead for the January 22 installment of Celebrity Big Brother.

Celebrity Big Brother's contestants are slowly but surely making friends and forging alliances, and two housemates might have formed the show's most unlikely alliance to date. Tom Green buddied up with Anthony Scarramucci and had only kind things to say about him in the confessional. Green explained that he and Scarramucci have some common ground, and it's all thanks to Donald Trump.

I love Anthony. He is saavy, intelligent, and we have something in common that few people can say. We were both fired by the President, and in similar fashion! He was surrounded by dark forces like Steve Bannon and Sean Spicer, and in my case, I had a cast of characters as well like Khloe Kardashian and Andrew Dice Clay.

The memory of Anthony Scarramucci's firing by the President may be still fresh; when did he fire Tom Green? As some might have guessed, that went down on a season of The Celebrity Apprentice, which featured the people Green mentioned as well as others like Joan Rivers, Dennis Rodman, and Brian McKnight. The situations may not be as similar as Tom Green alleged on Celebrity Big Brother, but hey, contestants gotta find that common ground for alliances wherever possible.

Unfortunately, Anthony Scarramucci and Tom Green's friendship may not help them on Celebrity Big Brother. Both men are on the chopping block and up for elimination, which means the other person in their alliance Kato Kaelin may be forced to choose one of them to be eliminated. Granted they still have a chance to save themselves from the chopping block, and be able to lend some additional support to their remaining team member up against Mean Girls actor Jonathan Bennett.

With that said, those votes may not be enough to save them as Bennett has Ryan Lochte and several other members of the Celebrity Big Brother household in his pocket. He's seemingly got enough people to ensure his survival, which means it's more than likely Tom Green or Anthony Scaramucci are going home if they're up against him after one competitor is removed.

Now, in a world where Jonathan is saved before the big vote, it's more of a mystery who Celebrity Big Brother will vote out of the house. Anthony Scaramucci seems to be acknowledged as the biggest threat, however, which may be Tom Green's saving grace as he was a bit shocked to find himself already up for elimination. Green admitted he thought he could "fly under the radar," but it's possible that strategy is what landed him where he is.

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