Mark Hamill Is No Luke Skywalker In New Footage From History's Knightfall

Mark Hamill is undoubtedly best known in showbiz for his performances as Luke Skywalker, and he’s also beloved on the small screen for his voice performances as The Joker and many others. Now, Hamill will join a live-action TV show, and he’ll play a knight, but not one of the Jedi variety. Take a look at Mark Hamill’s decidedly non-Luke Skywalker character in this new Knightfall teaser trailer!

Something tells me that Mark Hamill won’t be using the Force in Knightfall! In the second season of Knightfall, Hamill plays a battle-hardened Knight Templar by the name of Talus. He’s a veteran of the Crusades who spent ten years in captivity in the Holy Land. He returned and was given the job of training new initiates into the order.

Tom Cullen reprises his Season 1 role as Landry, who is another Templar Knight known for his courage as well as his headstrong tendencies. The first season ended on a heartbreaking note for Landry due to the death of somebody he loved very much and an unexpected twist for the Holy Grail. He wasn’t without hope, however; it should be interesting to see how Talus and Landry contrast from one another.

Based on the trailer, Talus isn’t going to be Landry’s biggest fan, which is likely due to all the vow-breaking Landry did in Season 1. According to Talus’ voiceover, some of the Knights Templar believe Landry can be saved, but he is not one of them. He can be heard telling Landry to “leave us and never return.”

In the footage, Talus and Landry are separated by a burning sword, which Landry holds. Talus’ sword remains sheathed at his hip. The burning sword will both unite and divide the brotherhood of the Knights Templar throughout Season 2, with the flames foreshadowing what is to come on Friday the 13th.

All things considered, Knightfall seems like a way for Mark Hamill to showcase his talents without either a lightsaber or animation. Hamill will be back as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: Episode IX despite the tragic twist in Episode VIII, and we can always hope that he’ll return as the Joker or one of his many other DC Comics characters for DC Universe. For now, we can for sure count on him tackling a brand new character on a series that is brand new for him.

Unfortunately, History has not yet revealed when we can expect the second season of Knightfall to kick off. The new footage promises that it’s “coming soon,” which I take to mean late winter or spring 2019. Only time will tell. We can at least be confident that he’ll debut as Talus before he’ll be back on the big screen as Luke Skywalker.

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Laura Hurley
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