What NCIS Has Planned Next For Robert Wagner's Anthony DiNozzo Sr.

NCIS is welcoming back Robert Wagner’s Anthony DiNozzo Sr. for another visit. So, what does the procedural have planned for Tony’s dad in an upcoming Season 16 episode? There are answers. Before revealing them, check out this fabulous picture Wilmer Valderrama shared from the set:

How sweet is it to see such happy faces? Pretty nice. Now, the answers to what NCIS has planned for Robert Wagner’s return trip to the crime drama. The series will unveil a fun connection between Senior and another character, which will come as a surprise to another.

During the NCIS episode, Jimmy Palmer’s father-in-law will end up connected to a murder case. During their investigation, the team will discover that Anthony DiNozzo Sr. knows Jimmy’s father-in-law. It turns out, the two, play poker together. This is something that Jimmy was utterly unaware of, per TVLine. How is that for a twist?

How the team comes to know this and how it will impact the episode of NCIS going forward is not entirely clear. There is, of course, room for speculation. Perhaps, in trying to establish an alibi for Jimmy’s father-in-law, they learn he was at the poker game too. Someone able to confirm that would be Anthony DiNozzo Sr.

Hence, the team uncovering the previously unknown connection between Senior and Jimmy’s father-in-law. The news should help Jimmy realize that the world is a little smaller than he may have already suspected.

To be fair to Jimmy’s father-in-law, he may not even be a suspect in the murder investigation. The info regarding his connection to Anthony DiNozzo Sr. could be a collateral disclosure. Perhaps, Senior is visiting with the team, and when Jimmy’s father-in-law comes up, he shares about their connection.

Another possibility is that Jimmy’s father-in-law discovers the victim on his way back from the poker game, and he just so happens to share with the team who he was playing with.

Another possibility is that the team busts in on the poker game and is surprised to discover Anthony DiNozzo Sr. at the table. However the disclosure comes about, it should be a fun reveal for NCIS fans.

They will probably be hoping for and expect an update from Senior on how his granddaughter Tali is doing. They may also hope for some insight on how his son, Tony, is handling life off-screen.

Robert Wagner’s character already has strong ties to NCIS. His son is an original character. Michael Weatherly, and subsequently Tony, exited the show in Season 13. Despite his absence, NCIS has continued to keep Tony’s dad as a regular presence on the show.

Robert Wagner first appeared on NCIS in 2010 and has been a familiar presence ever since. One of Wagner’s latest appearances came in the 2018 episode “Death from Above.” Thankfully, NCIS fans have the return of Anthony DiNozzo Sr. to anticipate in the not so distant future.

Find out what Robert Wagner gets up to when new episodes of NCIS Season 16 air Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. (The show will return February 5, after Celebrity Big Brother's brief run.) The long-running crime drama is among a lot of the shows airing new content during the 2019 midseason.

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