Narcos Actor Who Plays El Chapo Shows Up At Real El Chapo Trial

El Chapo Alejandro Edda Narcos: Mexico Netflix

These days there's no rest for the wicked, or the actors who portray them. The trial of drug cartel kingpin El Chapo entered its eleventh week, and with it came the arrival of a special guest. Actor Alejandro Edda, who plays El Chapo on the Netflix original series Narcos: Mexico, was among those in the audience during recent proceedings. So, what led to this incredibly meta moment during a serious trial?

It appears Alejandro Edda's primary motivation for showing up to El Chapo's trial was for research, as he was seen scribbling notes during the testimony of the drug lord's bodyguard Isaias Valdez Rios. The New York Post reported that Edda even borrowed binoculars from a reporter to get a closer look at El Chapo during the trial. Edda is believed to reprise his role as the drug kingpin, as Narcos: Mexico was renewed for another season in December.

Alejandro Edda's courtroom appearance was noticed by many fans, including the real-life criminal he portrays. It was said Edda and El Chapo (real name Joaquin Guzman) met eyes upon his entrance, and exchanged acknowledging glances at the start of the day. Chapo had been informed by his defense attorney Edda was in the audience to observe him, which might explain why the two locked eyes so quickly.

Later on in the day, Alejandro Edda was seen talking with El Chapo's 34-year-old wife Emma Coronel Aispuro. He also talked to the former drug kingpin's legal team, and jokes were made as they suggested who should play them should the trial be dramatized for television. It does make one wonder if Edda's arrival may mean Narcos: Mexico intends to one day show this trial, although the show seemingly has a long way to go before arriving there.

While Alejandro Edda obviously has vested interest in El Chapo, he is not blind to the crimes Joaquin Guzman is accused of. Edda confessed he thinks Chapo is guilty, and that he is still intimidated by him despite the fact that the cartel member seemed happy to see him in attendance. Edda also said he believed El Chapo taking the stand in his own defense would be "amazing," although it's still a question of whether or not that will happen.

As mentioned, Narcos: Mexico will return to Netflix for another season, and subscribers can stream the Michael Pena and Diego Luna-led season right now. Diego Luna is also slated to headline an exciting new series set in the Star Wars universe, so it should be interesting to see how Narcos: Mexico is or is not impacted. 2019 is officially underway, and new television shows worth checking out are arriving on various networks each and every day. Keep tabs on all things arriving by visiting and bookmarking our midseason premiere guide.

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