America's Got Talent Announced Its Big Season 13 Winner

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Spoilers ahead for the grand finale of America's Got Talent Season 13.

The thirteenth season of America's Got Talent has gone from some very high highs to some very low lows, with dangerous daredevils risking life and limb in pursuit of the grand prize, powerhouse singers raising their voices to the rafters, magicians blowing minds, comedians delivering the laughs, dancers showing off their incredible moves, and whatever the Caterpillar Man and spitting Human Fountains were. Now, the finale has aired, the votes are tallied, and America's Got Talent announced the big winner: Shin Lim!

Yes, the winner of the $1 million prize and spot as headliner of the America's Got Talent Live stage show in Las Vegas is none other than Shin Lim! The competition came down to dance troupe Zurcaroh and card trickster extraordinaire Shin Lim. The tension was edge-of-your-seat intense as everybody waited for Tyra Banks to make the announcement, and Shin Lim was almost doubled over from nerves. Fortunately, Zurcaroh took the news well, and the dancers had Shin Lim lifted up almost as soon as he was announced as the winner. Congrats, Shin Lim!

The results show really felt like it was anybody's game, especially once Tyra Banks finally got around to announcing the top five. Although some of the cuts weren't altogether shocking -- who wasn't expecting Shin Lim to beat Daniel Emmet and Brian King Joseph to beat Glennis Grace? -- others may go down as America's Got Talent upsets. Samuel J. Comroe beat Vicki Barbolak in the votes, which visibly shocked most of the judges. Simon Cowell in particular had been her champion in Season 13. The other upset came when Michael Ketterer beat young powerhouse Courtney Hadwin, who Howie Mandel has been predicting as the winner from her very first appearance.

Michael Ketterer was knocked out of the running next, with the votes bringing him in as fifth, much to the displeasure of the crowd. Simon Cowell took the reveal reasonably well, especially considering Ketterer was Cowell's golden buzzer in Season 13 and Cowell managed to get Ketterer teamed up with country superstar Garth Brooks. Samuel J. Comroe was out next, but not without a standing ovation from the judges and some touching words from Tyra Banks. Brilliant violinist Brian King Joseph was out next, and he was immediately swarmed by Zurcaroh and Shin Lim in a big group hug.

America's Got Talent is already searching for the next star, so we can look forward to scores of new hopefuls taking the stage for Season 14. For now, we'll have to content ourselves with other viewing options in the fall TV lineup. More reality competition shows will hit the airwaves in the not-too-distant future, including Dancing with the Stars with a brand new cast of celebrities on ABC and The Voice (which has already made a big announcement of the next season!) on NBC.

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