Whoops! Doctor Who Snow Dalek Turns Phallic As Weather Warms Up

Making snowmen is one of the joys of winter weather, especially for those who have an artistic flair. As a word of caution though, folks who make something beyond the standard design should be warned that the weather can warp creations in unexpected, inappropriate and sometimes NSFW ways. That's a lesson one English woman learned the hard way when she set out to make a Dalek from Doctor Who, and was surprised when it turned phallic thanks to some warm weather. Take a look.

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That's unfortunate, but also hilarious. Imagine putting all that work into crafting the ridges and notches only for Mother Nature to swoop in and make your Dalek design look like a flesh shaped "sonic screwdriver" from a distance. The builder didn't specify whether the neighbors' complaints inspired her to remove the Doctor Who snow statue, so I'm hoping she kept it up because why not laugh at it and see how people respond just a bit longer?

The internet thought the snow Dalek-turned-phallic was hilarious, although there were some skeptical Oeufelia knew exactly what she was doing when she made it. After all, Daleks are definitely the most Penis-like enemies of the Doctor in Doctor Who, and it's safe to say creating almost any other enemy wouldn't have had the same result. Despite the doubt of others, Oeufelia claims the whole thing was a complete accident.

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For those who are now eager to create a snow Dalek but worried what the neighbors may think, the key here is to put the eye in the right place. Had the eye been on the head where it usually is, few would've thought it was a schlong. Also, Oeufelia forgot to add the little bulbs on each side of the head, which may have also helped some understand what the creation was. Accessorize, and no one will request you "exterminate" your creation.

With that said, what are the grumblings of a few uptight neighbors compared to the widespread approval of the internet? The tweet caught on with fans like wildfire, many of whom took great humor in the unfortunate and accidental indecent creation Oeufelia made. The picture even got some love from one of Doctor Who's most-famed contributors, who she proceeded to shout out in a tweet sometime later.

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Weather permitting, Doctor Who fans will have a good deal of time to make snow Daleks ahead of Season 12, which won't premiere until 2020. It's a long wait, but the show's introduction of the classic villain has some optimistic Jodie Whittaker's next season will incorporate some of the Doctor Who lore that preceded her arrival in the universe. Fans can discuss that or head over to our midseason premiere guide for a list of shows premiering in 2019.

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