Why Chicago Med's Ava May Be Even More Manipulative Than We Thought

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Spoilers ahead for Episode 13 of Chicago Med Season 4, called "Ghosts In The Attic."

Chicago Med has delivered its fair share of relationship drama in Season 4, and the drama between one duo has become downright alarming. Connor and Ava seemed to be going strong for a while, and Ava successfully talked Connor's difficult dad into funding fancy new surgical equipment for the cardiothoracic department... or so it seemed. Connor later learned that Ava slept with his dad to secure the funding, after she lied and said that his dad made up the story of their romantic rendezvous to make her look bad.

Unsurprisingly, this threw a wrench in their romance, and Connor ended it. Now, if you thought Ava could get no more manipulative than seducing a father to get his funding and then lying to his son that his father was making it up, "Ghosts In The Attic" may have proved you wrong.

In "Ghosts In The Attic," Connor and Ava teamed up to perform a surgery on an HIV+ patient. There was no danger to any of the doctors or nurses in working on the patient as long as they followed certain precautions, and Connor and Ava have enough experience each that the surgery should have gone off without a hitch. Unfortunately, there was a hitch, and Ava accidentally cut herself with a bloody scalpel, exposing herself to the blood of the HIV+ patient.

Well, at least it seemed that she accidentally cut herself. Ava immediately left the operating room, appearing distraught, and she came across as truly upset when Sharon detailed what she would have to do in the aftermath, which included starting meds that would make her extremely nauseous and leaving surgery service for a time.

Ava wondered out loud what it meant for her career if the medication didn't work and she contracted HIV, and all signs pointed to her as genuinely worried about her future. Connor was clearly sympathetic, especially given that she'd said that she was helping him on the surgery because she wanted to repair their relationship.

Connor dropped by her apartment later on to give her something to cheer her up, and they were friendly enough with each other that it wouldn't have been surprising if they reconciled in the not-too-distant future. Could Connor move past the fact that she slept with his dad for funding and then lied about it, if faced with the possibility of losing her?

Maybe, if not for the seeds of doubt planted in his head by the end of the episode. One of his coworkers asked how Ava was doing, then commented that the cut was very unlike her, as she's "usually the most careful surgeon at Med." In fact, the coworker said that she still couldn't believe what happened. Her words struck home with Connor, who was visibly troubled by the comments.

Could Ava have really deliberately sliced herself and exposed herself to HIV+ blood just to try and rouse Connor's sympathy and get him back? Connor clearly thinks there's more to what happened than a simple slip of the finger, and looking back, the cut doesn't look altogether accidental:

If Ava really did slice herself in the finger and expose herself to HIV+ blood on purpose, then we (and Connor) should probably be concerned about what Ava might do to get her way. There may be something wrong with Ava, and she might need help. Only time will tell. If she does need help, hopefully her coworkers connect the dots and get it for her before she does any further damage, to herself or others. Is this Chicago Med's take on the scary storyline going over on Chicago Fire?

This episode was rough for another relationship, although nobody was exposed to HIV in the other batch of drama. After Will's car was broken into and he spent most of the episode freaking out despite his claims to Natalie that nothing was stolen, she confronted him.

Eventually, he admitted that he'd kept the gun, and it was stolen out of his car. Natalie, furious that he'd both lied and kept the gun, took off her engagement ring and gave it back to him, ending their relationship. R.I.P. Manstead? Maybe this explains why Natalie is going to get close to somebody else.

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