Is Chicago Fire Giving Emily Foster A Stalker?

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Warning: spoilers lie ahead for the twelfth episode of Chicago Fire Season 7, called “Make This Right.”

Chicago Fire’s latest episode was largely filled with the kinds of normal twists and turns that viewers have come to expect. Casey and Severide investigated a motorcycle crash that seemed more than a little sketchy, Mouch and Otis argued over Otis’ cracks over Mouch’s age, Emily Foster made and broke some steamy love connections, and the ladies of the firehouse teamed up to fix an ambulance dent they thought they caused. Oh, the shenanigans! Well, the shenanigans took a dark turn at the end when a man approached Foster to make a seriously creepy overture. Is she getting a stalker?

The man was none other than the doctor who had shown interest in Foster previously, and the two went on a date that ended with them going home together in “Make This Right.” Jim, who clearly thought himself a catch as a doctor, was interested in pursuing a relationship with Foster, but she was clear that she wasn’t looking for a serious relationship. Believing that her firm decline of an invitation to go out with him was the end of whatever they had going on, Foster later joined Stella Kidd and Sylvie Brett in a booth at Molly’s.

The three women had bonded by starting the day with a carpool and then fixing the ambulance dent, and they seemed closer than ever at Molly’s. The happy mood was dampened when Foster spotted Jim in a corner of the bar, and she wondered aloud what he was doing there. Stella was visibly surprised that he wasn’t there because Foster had invited him, and none of them looked exactly at ease when he approached their table.

After greeting all of them, Jim leaned in close to Foster’s ear and whispered six words: “I’m not giving up so easy.”

Now, on another show or perhaps in a rom com, “I’m not giving up so easy” might have been played as a romantic line showing a character’s devotion to another, but Chicago Fire seems to be going in the opposite direction with Jim and Foster. Her expression went from uneasy to quietly alarmed, and when Stella asked what that was about, she responded that she wasn’t sure. Throw in the ominous music that played over the encounter, and I think it’s safe to say that we should be nervous about Foster’s new “admirer.”

Now, is it premature to say that Emily Foster is getting a stalker on Chicago Fire based on a scene that amounted to less than half a minute? Maybe, but my money is on Jim the doctor playing a frightening role in the rest of Season 7.

Annie Ilonzeh’s performance was as a Foster who was unsettled by the unexpected attention, and Kara Killmer and Miranda Rae Mayo as Sylvie and Stella came across as nervous but trying not to show visible alarm. These were not characters reacting to the charming overture of a doctor who is quite the catch for any lady lucky enough to land him; these were women who were uncomfortable at his uninvited presence.

Although we can’t say for sure at this point that Jim is going to stalk Foster, I’m betting on poor Foster continuing to receive some unwanted and frightening attention from him. Find out when new episodes of Chicago Fire air this midseason on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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