DC Universe's Doom Patrol Get Crazy First Trailer, Complete With Timothy Dalton

We're just a handful of days out from the premiere of DC Universe's Doom Patrol, and the first crazy trailer has finally been released for the live-action superhero series. It's packed with hilarity, a sliver of Timothy Dalton, and a pinch of rather uncomfortable questions about Cyborg some might never have thought of until now.

Anyone else getting strong Legends of Tomorrow vibes from this Doom Patrol trailer? There's definitely a sense there's going to be more laughs than serious moments. That's fine, of course, because the DC Universe can always use another superhero series that doesn't follow the traditional superhero tropes. The world may be getting full up on TV superheroes, but it's looking like the latest ensemble group will truly be "just what the world needs."

One interesting thing to note about this trailer for Doom Patrol is that Timothy Dalton's Dr. Niles Caulder does not appear alongside the rest of the heroes once. That's kind of odd, considering The Chief is traditionally the leader of the Doom Patrol, but it looks like Cyborg may be running the show for a spell. Is he filling in for The Chief, or will Season 1 of Doom Patrol show Caulder connect with the band of misfits?

Another interesting moment is when Alan Tudyk appears as Mr. Nobody, and looks somewhat exasperated by something he's experiencing. It looks as though he's in the same bus the Doom Patrol were seen traveling in prior to his appearance. Did he get the wrong bus? Is he just as snarky as the heroes he's up against? Here's hoping for the latter, as a snarky and sarcastic Tudyk is the best Tudyk.

Alan Tudyk and Timothy Dalton are just two of the big names appearing in Doom Patrol, which also features actors like Orange Is The New Black's Diane Guerrero (Crazy Jane) , Matt Bomer (Negative Man), and Brendan Fraser (Robotman). Also on the roster is April Bowlby as Elasti-Woman and Jovian Wade the latest actor to portray the Justice League hero Cyborg.

That's just the starting point for this team too, apparently, as showrunner Jeremy Carver teased other members of Doom Patrol will work their way into the DC Universe series as things drag on. As for specific heroes audiences should look out for, Comicbook.com reported Beard Hunter, Lodestone, Danny The Street, and Celsius were all teased by Carver as characters will appear or be referenced in some way.

Doom Patrol premieres on DC Universe Friday, February 15. Be sure to keep it with CinemaBlend for all updates on it and other superhero shows as 2019 has quite a few on the horizon. For a look at all the new shows and returning favorites on the schedule for the first half of the year, visit our midseason premiere guide.

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