Elementary's Lucy Liu Has Already Landed Her Next Big TV Show

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Lucy Liu has already landed her next big role for after Elementary comes to an end. She will not be moving networks completely for her new show either. Remaining in the CBS family, Liu has signed on to star in the dark dramedy Why Women Kill.

The show comes from the mind of Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry, and the plot is killer. In a premise somewhat reminiscent of The Hours, Why Women Kill will span three time periods and tell the story of three women. CBS All Access has announced that Lucy Liu has signed on to play one of them.

There is a housewife in the ‘60s, a socialite living it up in the ‘80s, and a lawyer working it up in 2018. The description for Lucy Liu’s character does not concretely reveal which of the time periods she will be living in.

Lucy Liu will play Simone. She is described as “elegant, stylish,” and “effervescent.” Simone is a prime example of a confidently polished individual. She treats the world as if it is a “delightful movie” starring her in the lead role. Appearances mean everything to Simone, who is said to be “smugly superior.”

While she enjoys shopping and throwing parties, that is not the only source of her life’s happiness. From all outside appearances, she is in a seemingly happy marriage with her kind husband, Karl. Simone thinks Karl is a great guy. That is until some information comes forward to challenges that belief.

Infidelity rears its ugly head and Simone’s worst fears are confirmed when she learns that Karl has been cheating on her. Say it is not so, Karl! Things may be about to get a lot worse for the guy. After all, the TV show is entitled Why Women Kill.

While the show is set to transpire over different timelines, all of its female characters share something in common. Each must confront infidelity in their marriage. Why Women Kill is set to point out how some things have changed, and others have remained the same.

The show’s description says that it will explore how “the roles of women have changed.” What has not? Their feelings about being cheated on by their spouses. Will everyone from each different time decide to make the same choice regarding their spouse? If they do, Sherlock Holmes is unlikely to show up to solve their crimes, although who would say no to an Elementary crossover of some sort?

The new series sounds intriguing, and this character should be a fresh new role for Lucy Liu. She has one more season to go before Elementary and her time as Joan Watson comes to an end. The series has been cancelled. However, it has been given the green-light for a seventh and final season to complete its run.

A premiere date for Why Women Kill has not been set yet, so stay tuned. When the show bows, it will do so on CBS All Access. There are a lot of new shows to keep you entertained while you await the premiere of Why Women Kill.

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