Wait, Is Star Wars Resistance Already Crossing Into The Force Awakens?

Star Wars Resistance started off light-hearted, but it's slowly getting more serious with the First Order's occupation of Colossus. Now, it appears the show may soon ramp up in intensity even more, as a promo for this week's episode has us wondering if the show is already tying into the events of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Watch a scene from "The Core Problem" below, in which Poe arrives with some news for Kaz that sounds vaguely familiar:

BB-8 is on his way out of Star Wars Resistance, and is shipping off with Poe to engage on a special mission on Jakku. For those that don't remember, that's where Poe and BB-8 were at the beginning of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, right before Kylo Ren showed up and started wrecking the place. Finn later escaped to the planet, and linked up with Rey and BB-8 for a grand adventure that's still underway.

Provided this is the same mission Poe is headed out on, it could mean things are about to ramp up in intensity on Star Wars Resistance. For starters, Kaz is going to have to make due without the help of BB-8, and he may soon lose contact with Poe considering Dameron is captured shortly after Jakku. That doesn't seem like a huge problem at the moment as The First Order has outside communication on lockdown, but what if Kaz escapes?

Granted, it's always possible Poe and BB-8 are leaving for Jakku for a mission completely unrelated to the one in which he found the map to Luke. Also, Star Wars: The Force Awakens only showed the end of Poe's search, and it's possible he spent a long time on the planet looking before finally getting what he needed. It's one of those things where we may not know until more references to the film come up on the show.

It's always good to be skeptical with speculation, but there has to be a reason someone at Star Wars decided to share this specific scene. After all, they'd have to know people would wonder if this referenced the film, and teasing fandoms with major moments and then subverting expectations has backfired for the franchise before. If this ends up being a Force Awakens fake out, there will undoubtedly be a few folks unhappy with Disney for leading them on.

It was known Star Wars Resistance intended to incorporate The Force Awakens into the series eventually, although this could be sooner than some expected. There's still four episodes left in the season following this, and with Season 2 a sure thing, the two could really intertwine and lead into some more serious story arcs. That's not a guarantee, but one would think Kaz might become a little more somber if he learned of the destructive power of Starkiller Base.

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Mick Joest
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