Amazon Is Getting Intense With Security Over Its Lord Of The Rings Show

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Television shows like their secrecy and the upcoming Lord of the Rings series is no different. Hence, Amazon is getting intense with security surrounding the TV show. The chief of Amazon Studios, Jennifer Salke, has offered an update on the show’s progress and revealed how far Amazon is going to keep its secrets safe, saying:

There's a fantastic writers room working under lock and key. They're already generating really exciting material. They're down in Santa Monica. You have to go through such clearance, and they have all their windows taped closed. And there's a security guard that sits outside, and you have to have a fingerprint to get in there, because their whole board is up on a thing of the whole season.

When it comes to a project this major, it makes sense. Amazon is taking considerable steps to ensure the security of The Lord of the Rings' series plot, per Jennifer Salke’s interview with THR. One look through a window and someone could see the board (a.k.a. treasure map of plots), take a picture and share it online. You can never be too careful.

Game of Thrones took similar measures to ensure its final season did not get spoiled ahead of time. Fingerprint scanners are a huge step in securing the Amazon series’ secrecy. The show is already generating hype and headlines as its ginormous price tag set off a lot of interest. After six major movies, you could probably expect no less.

Intense security measures are not all Amazon Studios' chief discussed. Jennifer Salke also answered whether Amazon foresaw itself developing a “mega franchise.” In doing so, she offered further insight into how dedicated everyone is to The Lord of the Rings project. In responding to the question, Salke said:

Totally. I mean, look at Lord of the Rings. We get behind a franchise in a major way. The Tolkiens are coming to New York, all those estate holders. The older ladies, who are now, I think, in their 80s and 90s. His daughters and the grandchildren, they're coming to New York, and Jeff Bezos, me, Jeff Blackburn, a team of us are going and they've invited us to a dinner and see some art, some creative work that they haven't shown the world yet.

Speaking of exciting: what a meeting! The Tolkiens are heading to New York to talk with Amazon’s top people. It should be an undoubtedly assuring gesture for Lord of the Rings fans hoping the Tolkiens are involved in the series.

In keeping with that, it seems Amazon will be getting quite an exclusive with the chance to see some work the Tolkiens have yet to share with the world. What could it be, and will Amazon share it with the rest of the world after they see it? Stay tuned.

The Lord of the Rings series is making a lot of progress based on what Jennifer Salke said in her interview. In a sign of the potentially great things to come, Salke’s reply indicates she is happy with what the writing team has so far.

Referring to it as “exciting material” is a definite sign of confidence. The show is already getting the promotion treatment from Amazon. Why not get a head start? Not that a franchise as major as The Lord of the Rings needs much help. It can sort of promote itself, at this point.

When viewers can expect to see The Lord of the Rings show is a crucial question on the horizon. For now, no premiere date has been set. Many shows await viewers anxiously anticipating the debut of The Lord of the Rings series during the midseason.

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