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While some of The Flash's fandom continues to express mild concern over rumors regarding one actor's exit, they should be glad to know that a familiar face is finally returning to the fold. After a long time away, Detective Joe West is headed back into the fight with Cicada and apparently giving Iris some advice in photos for the upcoming episode "King Shark vs. Gorilla Grodd." Take a look:

Joe West Iris West Allen Jesse L. Martin Candace Patton The Flash The CW

Joe's holding a pair of boxing gloves, although it doesn't look like he's the one preparing to square up for a fight. Let's appreciate the fact that actor Jesse L. Martin is standing in this scene unassisted, which might mean that temporary medical leave did the trick. Back to the boxing gloves, is Iris preparing for a scenario where Cicada comes after her, or is she a surprise third entrant in the King Shark and Grodd feud?

We're left to wonder what The Flash has planned, and why Joe and Iris are in so many scenes together this episode. Here's another shot of them at Jitters, as Joe looks to be imparting some wisdom on his daughter yet again as she types up something on her laptop.

Joe West Iris West Allen Jesse L. Martin Candace Patton The Flash The CW

Perhaps Joe is worried about his daughter's safety after hearing she went after Cicada? After all, he was held hostage by the big bad earlier on in the season, so Joe might be keeping a close eye on his daughter to make sure she's out of harms way. Do Joe's frequent visits mean Cecile is back on baby watch?

The Iris and Joe scenes don't stop there either, as another photo shows the two in a third location in this same episode of The Flash. Here they are sitting at the table in the West household, engaged in what seems to be a lighthearted conversation.

Joe West Iris West Allen Jesse L. Martin Candace Patton The Flash The CW

Perhaps The Flash is just making up for lost time and giving us a lot of Joe West? It's odd that he and Iris have so many scenes in so many locations this episode, which could mean they're flashbacks, or perhaps an illusion. Could Grodd have a hand in Joe's sudden re-emergence, and he's making it appear as though the detective is there to Iris for some plot? Maybe this is just some sort of "Joe reflects" episode? Who knows? Perhaps father and daughter are just bonding after he's been out of the action for a while.

Joe won't be the only familiar face returning to The Flash, as the episode's title teases King Shark and Gorilla Grodd. Other photos tease A.R.G.U.S. head Lyla Michaels will be involved, which makes sense since King Shark was in the organization's custody for a time. If they're captured, will King Shark and Grodd become new members in the Ghost Initiative? Probably not for CGI expense purposes, but Arrow-verse fans can dream!

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