Arrow Is Bringing Back Cupid And More Key Villains In Season 7

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Some classic villains from the past are set to make a return as Arrow continues its Season 7 adventure. Cupid, as well as many others, will soon be back in an episode that teases the return of something even more unexpected. Put simply, it sounds a lot like Arrow may be trying to bring back the Suicide Squad, albeit with a new name and roster.

In the episode "Past Sins," Oliver is upset when he learns Diggle and Lyla have restarted "The Ghost Initiative" and have enlisted Cupid, China White, Joe Wilson/Kane Wolfman, and Ricardo Diaz to take part in it. No specific details are out regarding what this team will do, but the episode's synopsis (via Green Arrow TV) revealed Oliver, Curtis, and Laurel will be affected. Fans won't have to wait long for specifics as "Past Sins" airs Monday, January 28.

The team-up has inspired some to speculate this may be the new Arrow-verse version of the Suicide Squad, which hasn't been seen since Warner Bros. squashed mentions of the team ahead of the theatrical team's debut. It's a team Cupid was part of, so her being a part of this outfit creates a connection. Plus, it's a villain-led team controlled by A.R.G.U.S., so even if they aren't technically the Suicide Squad, fans know what's up.

It hasn't been long since Arrow fans have seen Ricardo Diaz or Joe Wilson, but China White and Cupid haven't been seen on the show since Season 5 in "The Sin-Eater." Cupid's last Arrow-verse appearance actually happened on The Flash, in which is was revealed she had found her way back into A.R.G.U.S. following her recapture. Cupid's cell was seen alongside villains like Cheetah and Grodd, and Barry openly stated it must've been where Amanda Waller imprisoned the team.

"Past Sins" won't only be exciting for Arrow fans because of who it entails either, as the episode marks a very important milestone for one actor in particular. The episode will mark the first time Diggle actor David Ramsay -- who was psyched to announce the news back on social media in November -- directs Arrow. The episode will be the second to air after Arrow's return in the midseason.

While "Past Sins" promises the return of lots of villains from Arrow's past, it doesn't say a lot about other current things happening on the program. There's no mention of Emiko Queen, who has been running around as the new Green Arrow. Whether she'll be involved somehow, or this is one of those one-off fun episodes not heavily tied to the story, remains to be seen.

Arrow returns to The CW Monday, January 21 at 8:00 p.m. ET. Keep tabs on all television making its way back to television or premiering in the first half of 2019 by visiting our midseason premiere guide.

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