Apparently The Big Bang Theory Just Said Goodbye To Wil Wheaton

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The Big Bang Theory is deep into its final season, and that means we'll be saying goodbye to everyone. Sounds like Wil Wheaton already said his quiet goodbyes in the Wil-centric episode of Season 12 that just aired on February 21. According to Wheaton himself, "The D&D Vortex" was probably his final appearance of the series:

Mathematically and practically, it doesn’t seem likely there’s space for another [appearance]. So if this was the end, I got to say goodbye and tell everybody how much they’ve meant to me.

Wil Wheaton has had a recurring role as himself on The Big Bang Theory since 2009. He told he worried he would be fired after every episode, and it wasn't until this most recent appearance -- his 17th episode on the show -- that he realized they're not going to hire someone else to play Wil Wheaton! But by the time he got past his own anxiety enough to really appreciate and enjoy the experience, the show was over.

If "The D&D Vortex" was Wil Wheaton's final episode, he knows it was a great one to go out on. Episode 16 was centered around the Star Trek: The Next Generation alum's celebrity Dungeons & Dragons group -- attended by William Shatner, Kevin Smith, Joe Manganiello, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. As Wheaton revealed:

I thought it was going to be a one-off joke in the tag or something. I didn’t realize it was going to be the focus of an entire show. And that was just the most joyful way to complete the most amazing 10 years of my acting career. There could not have been a better, more satisfying way to finish it.

The Big Bang Theory will be saying so many goodbyes in the months ahead. There will reportedly be 24 episodes to the season, with the series finale airing in May. However, it will be taped on April 30th, which is also Kunal Nayyar's (Raj Koothrappali) birthday.

The plan is already in place for how the show will end, and the writers are excited about it. Chuck Lorre said the finale will be an hour-long, with two interconnecting episodes.

Kaley Cuoco has been open about not wanting to leave, and she's gotten emotional several times about the end, even before they film it. That said, she already has her eye on a keepsake prop from the set. And maybe CBS will give her a spinoff, if they go for another one.

The Big Bang Theory is reportedly ending because Jim Parsons felt it was time to say goodbye. He recently gave a funny, backhanded parting message to his character Sheldon Cooper.

The Big Bang Theory Season 12 is not airing a new episode this Thursday, but it will return with Episode 17 on Thursday, March 7 on CBS. Here's what else is airing on TV during midseason 2019.

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