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The cast of The Big Bang Theory is currently hard at work on the popular sitcom's final season. It is a situation that has fans hoping they are not witnessing the last stories from the show's characters. Having played Penny for 12 years, how would Kaley Cuoco feel about reprising the role in a spinoff featuring Penny and her husband, Leonard? Cuoco weighed in, saying:

I would be interested in working with Chuck again, and these are Chuck's characters and it's really whatever he would want.

Kaley Cuoco's response to ET definitely does not dash Big Bang Theory fans' hopes of a spinoff. To know that she would even be interested is a pretty big deal. Many times, actors will express their ardent desire to put their character behind them. Cuoco seems more than open to playing Penny for a while longer.

As the adage goes -- if it is not broken; do not fix it. Kaley Cuoco has found tremendous career success playing one of The Big Bang Theory's central protagonists. Plus, it is not as if there is no story left to tell with her. Penny and Leonard's marriage has a lot of storyline possibilities to explore. Of course, much of that will depend on how the show ends their story.

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Will The Big Bang Theory set them up for a spinoff? Theoretically speaking, Leonard or Penny could end up getting an opportunity that sees them move away. That would explain the absence of the other characters. Unless they too would like to participate.

Spinoffs are always iffy. When done with two of the show's leading characters, it is a recipe for something successful. It is hard to imagine a series as popular as The Big Bang Theory disappearing from the airwaves completely. Twelve years is a long time to invest and have all of its characters disappear overnight.

It sounds as if co-creator Chuck Lorre is on board with the idea, fans could get a spinoff. There are still a lot of episodes left before Penny and Leonard say goodbye to The Big Bang Theory, and the question of whether the couple will eventually agree on having kids remains in play.

In the episode spotlighting their positions on the matter, both learned they had differing views on the crucial question. Penny was adamant that she does not want children, while Leonard expressed that he did. Whether the issue eventually tears them apart remains to be seen.

Here is hoping they can come to an agreement before The Big Bang Theory ends. Or, for the fans' sake, work on figuring it out during their own spinoff. The only drawback to making one is fans comparing it to the original and ending up disappointed. Thus, blemishing their visions of the characters as they currently exist. There could be a solution though. If some of the writers from The Big Bang Theory decide to write for the spinoff, fans could be in for a treat.

New episodes of the sitcom air Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. The smash hit is among a plethora of programming airing new episodes this fall and throughout the midseason.