Star Trek: Discovery Renewed For Season 3 At CBS All Access With A Change Behind The Scenes

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As Star Trek: Discovery continues its search for Spock, one thing it won't have to search for any longer is a season renewal. CBS All Access has announced its space drama will return for Season 3, and also announced a change that will be happening behind the scenes. Alex Kurtzman will now be a co-showrunner, as the series welcomes co-executive producer Michelle Paradise on as the other co-showrunner for next season.

Michelle Paradise is no stranger to the Star Trek: Discovery team, as Alex Kurtzman explained she came onto the show at the midpoint of Season 2. Kurtzman said her love of Star Trek and understanding of the franchise brought a fresh energy to the crew, and that her drive and focus have already made her "essential in ensuring the Trek legacy." As mentioned, the two will be sharing showrunner responsibilities as Discovery presses on into its third season.

Star Trek: Discovery fans will get to see Michelle Paradise's impact on the series soon enough, as she's credited as the writer on Episodes 9, 13, and 14. Per Anson Mount's announcement to about Season 2's extended episode count, Episode 13 will be the penultimate episode and 14 the season finale. Paradise must have left a good impression on the staff to get that writing credit, especially when her resume lists no prior work in the Star Trek universe.

As far as what Michelle Paradise has worked on in the past, her biggest writing contributions to date were for The Originals and a Logo series she created and starred in titled Exes & Ohs. She's also written for various other projects, which include Hart of Dixie, and the Thandie Newton-led series Rogue. Again, there's no former Star Trek credits on her resume prior to Discovery, although her knowledge appeared to be enough to get Alex Kurtzman's stamp of approval.

Michelle Paradise is the fifth showrunner to join, but the first in a while to be hired without someone being fired. Alex Kurtzman's staying on as showrunner is interesting, considering he didn't initially intend to have the role. Kurtzman oversees the expansion of the Star Trek universe on CBS All Access at large, so it wouldn't be surprising if he inches away from Discovery as more shows premiere, and leaves the show in Paradise's hands completely in a later season.

Not much is known about Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 at the moment, as Michael and the Discovery crew continue the search for Spock and dive into the mystery of The Red Angel. Actor Wilson Cruz teased whatever is coming is going to "blow people's minds" though, which sounds promising. Is it possible the season finale is somehow tied to that crazy episode of Star Trek: Short Treks?

The world will know in due time as new episodes of Star Trek: Discovery premiere on CBS All Access Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. ET. For a list of new and returning shows coming to television in the coming weeks, head on over to our midseason premiere guide.

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