Suits Season 8 Finale Originally Had A Very Different Ending

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Spoilers regarding the Season 8 finale of Suits lie ahead.

The Season 8 finale of Suits ended on a twist that many fans have been waiting for from the very beginning, but it wasn't what was planned in the first stages of the episode. Originally, the episode ended with Zane taking the fall for Harvey and getting disbarred in his place. Although that did happen in the finished product, that Harvey and Donna scene was not part of the original plan. Suits creator Aaron Korsh explained, saying:

The main thing about the original ending was that it did not have the big Harvey-Donna scene at the end. The discussion was largely started during the Donna-Thomas scene where Thomas asks about her relationship with Harvey. The discussion had to do with what Donna’s feelings were regarding both Harvey and Thomas. I don’t fully remember all the points of view, but basically in discussing everything that could or might be said, we would each say, well, if that happens then this might happen. Then something was said that led me to just say, what if Harvey goes to Donna in the end and they finally break through and have the scene that ended up in there. Both Genevieve and Ethan loved it. So did I. It’s not easy to get all three of us to agree on something, so we went ahead and did it. It wasn’t that our minds were changed, it was that it had not been contemplated, then it was there and we loved it.

That’s right, Suits fans. Donna and Harvey almost did not get together in the Season 8 finale. The twosome hooked up at long last in the episode’s final moments. As Suits’ creator revealed to Deadline, that scene was not originally in there, and the episode would have left fans of Donna and Harvey without that romantic closure as Season 8 ended.

In the end, what was different did not involve a change as much as a seismic addition. After discussing it with his fellow writers, Suits showrunner went forward with the romantic ending. Many fans of Donna and Harvey most definitely appreciated the change.

In an interview with TVLine, Aaron Korsh revealed that the decision to have Donna and Harvey get together came while penning the finale and no time sooner.

Where you might have thought the entire season had been purposefully building to the climax of Harvey and Donna’s passion igniting, it was not. Suits’ creator shared that if he had been asked at the beginning of the season whether Donna and Harvey would get together, he would have said “no.”

Thank goodness for open minds and going with the flow. Oh, and that Donna and Thomas scene. Had that scene and the dialogue not happened, things may have turned out differently for her and Harvey. Kudos to the Suits writers for going with their instincts. The characters took them there, and they embraced it.

So many times, it feels like things, especially romantic relationships, get teased and put off past their due date. Harvey and Donna’s romantic tension could have continued playing out until the final episodes. That would have left fans with much less time to savor whatever comes next for them.

Harvey and Donna had been building towards this moment for a very long time on Suits. Having them get together in the finale of the penultimate season opens things up considerably looking forward. Thanks to this last-minute change to the ending, there are endless possibilities for how things could play out between them in the ninth and final season.

That means Suits fans have a lot longer to enjoy the crescendo they got to witness in the Season 8 finale. So, all is well that ends well. Find out how Harvey and Donna face the road ahead when the legal drama returns.

The ninth and final season of Suits will air sometime in the future on USA. In the meantime, lots of new dramas will be making their way to television throughout the midseason.

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