USA's Suits Reportedly Wants To Spend Millions On Meghan Markle Cameo

meghan markle on suits season 7

Meghan Markle's had quite the unique excuse to exit her day job on USA's Suits, entering the royal family and all. It looks like the some of the drama's higher-ups are more than interested in getting Markle to make a one-time cameo for an upcoming episode, to the point that they're reportedly offering up millions of dollars for a single two-minute appearance.

Dropping a multi-million dollar pay day on the entertainer-turned-royalty may not be the most understandable choice to all Suits fans, but it's quite sensible, since the set-for-life Meghan Markle wouldn't even be the one receiving the money. Rather, the Daily Star reports that, as a way to sidestep any big tax issues, NBCUniversal is allegedly willing to donate the millions-strong paycheck to the charity or charities of Markle's choosing, should she agree to it.

According to sources, no finalized amount has been decided upon for Meghan Markle's cameo offer, but it's expected for negotiations to be discussed soon. Those conversations could lead to one of the most lucrative TV appearances of all time, with the rumored payout totals ranging somewhere between $2 million and $6 million. That could definitely help out one or more charities if the deal goes through.

The NBCUniversal execs are not going into this assuming that Meghan Markle will be available for a cameo no matter what the setting or length. No, the alleged goal would be for the former star to reprise the role of Rachel Zane for around two minutes, if not less than that, and for the filming to take place in the UK, so that Markle wouldn't need to do any international traveling. It's presumed that everything could be wrapped up in less than a single day.

What's more, it's reported that the Suits team would possibly craft Rachel's update so that it incorporates the upcoming addition to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's family unit. It's teased that the Suits cameo could show that Rachel and Mike are off living a happy life, with Markle's baby bump being showcased to clue audiences in on another hallmark in the fictional couple's journey together.

A related idea being kicked around would give Meghan Markle a few lines that express how fabulous and unbelievable Rachel's life is now, which would obviously be speaking to her real-life situation as much as it would be about Rachel and Mike's blissful marriage. (At least, as far as Markle's life goes beyond her headline-grabbing father.)

Another source claims that there's something of an open secret with Suits involving the producers wanting to get Meghan Markle and Patrick J. Smith back on the show in whatever capacity possible. The USA drama did drop down to its lowest numbers yet with Season 8, which neither Markle nor Smith was around for. I guess the addition of Katherine Heigl wasn't the kind of hail-mary casting they'd hoped.

Meghan Markle exited Suits at the end of Season 7, having announced her impending departure in 2017, just weeks before her engagement to Prince Harry was revealed. Her last episode came on April 25, with the show's extended Season 7 finale, in which Rachel and Mike got married. Though she'd only been away from Suits for a short while, Markle was already saying some months ago that she misses it. Perhaps that's a good sign for her potential to return.

For now, it's a waiting game to see if Suits even takes an official shot at trying to sway Meghan Markle back for a two-minute appearance. For those who can't wait for Season 8 to return, it'll be popping back up on USA for the latter half of Season 8 on Wednesday, January 23 at 10:00 p.m. ET. Don't forget about all the other great midseason TV shows premiering soon, either.

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