How Suits Will Handle Mike And Rachel's Absence In Season 8's Second Half

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Suits is about to return. Continuing their absence in Season 8B will be Mike and Rachel. The duo exited via a happily ever after ending in the Season 7 finale, and the show will continue to acknowledge them moving forward. For one thing, does Suits plan on incorporating an exciting development from Meghan Markle's royal new life for Rachel Zane? Suits' showrunner, Aaron Korsh, weighed in on the possibility of an off-screen pregnancy for Rachel, saying:

It's a good question; it's certainly been contemplated. Honestly we have not landed on that yet. It certainly would be a sweet thing to find out that they had a baby no doubt about it. You just remind me, we have a very nice scene somewhere midway through the back six where Harvey calls Mike and leaves him a message.

Maybe to a baby? It would be an incredibly sweet development that would of course mirror Rachel Zane's portrayer Meghan Markle. The Duchess of Sussex and her husband, Prince Harry, are currently expecting their first child. From what Suits' showrunner told Deadline, fans should not rule out Mike and Rachel welcoming a baby of their own, even if they don't get to see it on camera.

Suits should be keeping Rachel and Mike close to the hearts of the characters, even if the couple is not on screen. Aaron Korsh goes onto explain how Suits will keep Mike and Rachel interspersed in the action of Season 8B, saying:

It's just a little thing but I really like it, how it plays in juxtaposition to what's happening with Donna at the same time. We certainly don't forget about Mike and Rachel. I think Robert Zane even in episode 811 mentions Rachel to Harvey. If you have friends in your life and they leave town, it doesn't mean you never talk to them or talk about them, and we do continue to do that in the back six.

Pay close attention because those Rachel and Mike references will happen! For fans wanting to glean any tidbit of insight into Rachel and Mike's off-screen life, this news will undoubtedly be joyous to read. The tiniest bit of dialogue helps keep a character alive and vital.

Fans obviously know why Meghan Markle exited, so a few clever touchstones that acknowledge her real-life would be neat. Rachel Zane got married the same year that Markle wed Prince Harry. Hence, Markle and Rachel's lives have already been on a similar trajectory, with respect to their personal lives.

Elsewhere in the interview, Suits' showrunner explains that Season 8B did not feel right for Patrick J. Adams' Mike to return. So, Mike may eventually be back at some point down the road. Rachel returning would be a potential challenge. Meghan Markle is currently super-busy as a member of the British royal family.

Speaking of which, Suits' showrunner did not weigh in on a certain something in these interview excerpts. That is the report that the USA series is trying to get Meghan Markle to film a cameo for the show.

Suits is rumored to be willing to pay between $2 to $6 million to the charity of Meghan Markle's choice to appear. The scene in question would reportedly last around two minutes.

Whether two minutes is long enough to give fans a proper update on Rachel Zane's life post-Season 7 is tough to know. There are numerous reports on what would happen in the brief scene.

If Suits cannot get Meghan Markle back for a cameo, there is another way to do a baby reveal. Patrick J. Adams' Mike could do a scene wherein he video calls someone and says that Rachel is in the other room with their baby.

Time will tell if that Meghan Markle cameo ever comes to fruition. In the meantime, Rachel and Mike will continue being close to the series' heart.

Suits returns for Season 8B on Wednesday, January 23 at 10 p.m. ET on USA. The legal drama is among many shows returning this winter.

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